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  1. 0 I'm currently an ASU undergraduate and I'm looking to get into the school of nursing in the Fall. Does anybody know the process of getting accepted now and what I have to try to accomplish before the Fall semester? I know I need to see an adviser and a session but I'm looking for specifics such as tests or if it's changed since the previous years.

    Also, I'm trying to switch my major into nursing. I'm one of those lucky people who started off with Biology thinking that what I wanted was med school when I didn't realize it wasn't until my GPA took a lovely hit. I'm currently a Freshman, my GPA right now is 3.27. Will this affect my getting into ASU's nursing school program by a lot? I don't want to be rejected instantaneously if I walk in and try to switch my major over, haha.

    Thank you!
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    You are not accepted into the nursing program until you are a Junior. There are different requirements for ASU students and transfer students. You need to attend an information session and talk to an advisor. I just transferred to ASU into the nursing program from the community college (Fall 2012). The applications were due early April and the selection process is over for the summer and fall semesters.
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    You definitely need to talk to an advisor. To be competitive, you usually have to have a high GPA for entrance.
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    Better ace the HESI or whatever the new test is. That or take some higher level classes to replace some of the grades. Well, depends what the bad grades were in. If they aren't your prereqs they don't matter. Or at least they didn't when I went through. Talk to an advisor and they can give you a heads up on where you stand, what you need to do, etc. Its not impossible but you might have a uphill battle in store for you.
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    i've met many people who claimed they have a 4.0 and a high score on the teas entrance examination but still could not get in. it is possible for you to retake some of your prereqs but definetly talk with an advisor. also you can try for the cep program with asu. concurrent enrollment program good luck !
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    If you have a 4.0 you'd have to do pretty bad on the exam to not get in.
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    Don't change your major. By just saying you're a nursing major, you get swacked with the "nursing tuition surcharge", without even taking nursing classes.
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    Division, eh? 3/05 myself.
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    Quote from Cursed Irishman
    Division, eh? 3/05 myself.
    3/05? What unit was that? I was originally 3/505 then it disbanded so I went to 1/504.
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    Its been quite some time and many varied units since I was stationed there; guess that lingo has faded.

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