ASU Prereqs

  1. I'm starting school at a CC for my rn this aug & I want to go directly in to asu after getting my rn to get my bachelors.. does any one know how long the rn-bsn program is, the hours & what prereqs are needed for them so I can get them out of the way now? thanks for the info!!
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  3. by   Cursed Irishman
    Here's a good place to start:

    MCCD has an agreement w/ ASU. If you graduate from MCCD, you can get your BSN in one year at ASU, going to school one day a week (not counting clinicals).
  4. by   DaughteroftheKing
    Does anyone happen to know the cost of the RN-BSN program?
    Also, I hear ASU has really high GPA standards. Ive been doing really well in my classes since Ive realized I wanted to go to nursing school, but I dont want to redo the other classes I got a B or C in back before then. Is it lest strict if you already have your RN? Also, does anyone know the cost for the bridge program? I looked at the ASU website cursed gave me but all I could find was prices for the 4 year program.
    Thank you!
  5. by   Zphreaky1
    I am not sure on the price of the rn-bsn track. I do know that the grade issue you are talking about will not be an issue. There are far less applicants for that track than the bsn program. Make an appointment with and ASU adviser downtown and ask them.