ASU Nursing Program Spring 2011 hopefuls

  1. Hi,
    I am thinking of applying for Spring 2011. I have just found out that the lowest TEAS score for ASU was about 79% with average of 87%. I am worried. I have a GPA of 4.0. But last time I took the TEAS for Fall (w/o studying!!), I got 75.3%. I still did not start preparation as the kids have summer break and I am busy with them. But, I was wondering if someone has already applied... Can anyone also suggest how they are preparing for the TEAS? Let's post our GPAs and TEAS score to know where we stand... It might also work as encouragement for some of us.
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  4. by   yelephant
    Hi Dreamingbig,

    I'm also applying for the spring 2011.
    I'm actually going to re-take my teas next thursday after I went to my advisor and they told me the teas average; so i'm pretty nervous and scared. I have a 4.0 and I got an 86% on my teas but I wanted to retake my teas just in case.

    Do you happen to have the study aid book? if you don't then you should really look into investing in one. They're very helpful or ask someone if you can borrow it. How i study for my teas is just constantly taking down notes. I guess it all just depends upon what kind of study habits you have. But i'm a type of person that needs to write things down over and over again and practice over and over again in order to truly ingrain it into my brain. :P

    But don't worry too much, i'm sure you'll be fine. And I know that we're all competing against each other but regardless of the competition, if you need help with anything just let me know and i'll try my best to help you out. You can do it!

    I also have a question though...has anyone heard any details about the interviews that will take place? All i know was that the school was going to pick the top 90 and do interviews and drop 30...but has anyone heard any other details in regards to the interviews??
  5. by   dsgillis
    on my print out for the TEAS V I have a "Adjusted Individual Total Score" of 91.3. Is that my score? also I have 4.0 GPA. I feel like I have a good chance for spring 2011
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    Quote from dsgillis
    on my print out for the TEAS V I have a "Adjusted Individual Total Score" of 91.3. Is that my score? also I have 4.0 GPA. I feel like I have a good chance for spring 2011
    wow that is so good! yeah i'm pretty sure that's your score!
  7. by   cna to crna2b
    Good luck to you all getting in, the process sucks. I just started 2nd semester. When do you guys find out when you get in?
  8. by   dsgillis
    i think by november. im not sure at all
  9. by   Tgirl
    I applied for the Spring 2011 start date. I just found out there were 143 applicants. Has anyone else heard anything?
  10. by   dsgillis
    that not many appllicants at all. I was thinkin there would be more around 300. I haven't heard a darn thing. I am still waiting for the letter stating my application is complete and under review. I only got the first letter stating they received it.
  11. by   Tgirl
    ok, this is what i just found out...there will not be an interview and
    "you still won't hear until november, but you should be receiving a review letter soon that asks you to verify all the data we've entered for you is correct. then, after that, you should receive a notification letter."
  12. by   inspiredRN10
    Do you all know what changes exactly they are making in November? I heard the changes are to the traditional program as well as their new 2nd degree program...They all keep saying to wait until November...but does anyone have an idea?
  13. by   SEA3347
    Hi all!

    Has anyone heard if Mayo will be taking students for Spring 2011? If they do, I know it would open up more chances of us getting accepted. That would be more than half of the total number of applicants if 143 is correct. Also, has ASU mentioned the cutoff score yet? Any info would be great! I am sure everyone is waiting on pins and needles like me!
  14. by   Bells23
    I graduated in December of 09, and the changes they made to the program introduced more online learning. That seemed pretty pointless to me, because the majority of the program is already self taught. Get ready to teach yourself how to give injections haha!

    Maybe the changes they made will have been for the better, because the program really sucked when I graduated. None of my classmates were really impressed by the "self taught" education we received.