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I just took my TEAS test and turned in my application today Im applying with a 3.90 Select GPA, and a 90.7% on the TEAS, If I calculated that right I will have a score of 5.714, I am feeling... Read More

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    Hi Tarabara!

    The TEAS score and the GPA are now worth 1 point. Here's how they worded it in an email:
    "Please note: your advancement scores are calculated by combining your Select GPA and your TEAS score. Each component is now worth 1 point, for a highest possible score of 2.00000."
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    I just wanted to let you know that there is a group on facebook for ALL ASU nursing students ( you must be accepted into the program to join) - I would recommend joining it so you can have access to other nursing students already in the program! It's a great resource!!! ASU student nurses group SNUG
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    I cant find the group
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    SO I have been on the alternate list for Fall 2011 and Spring 2012. I just got a call the on Thursday Dec 1st that a spot opened up and I am FINALLY in the program!!! Woohoo!
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    Congratulations! Melk, I know it was like the biggest sigh of relief when I got in....get ready for a busy 2 years =]