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  1. 0 Hi,

    I applied to the Arizona Mayo New Grad program on March 1 when the application opened, and I was wondering if anyone has heard back yet?! It's been 3 weeks today, I would love to work at Mayo, so I'm constantly checking my application status. Mine hasn't changed, still just says "application received". Anyone else have anything different to report?

    Thanks and good luck!
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    The Mayo has the most RIDICULOUS standards for any nurse in any position.

    After all "we are at the hallowed halls of MAYO".

    This will be a challenge that is above and beyond.. because the Mayo thinks they are special..
    they are not.

    Good luck. PM me if you need to...
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    I also applied to the Mayo New Grad program on March 1st, and as of 30 seconds ago my status also said "Application Received." From what I have read on other threads it seems that they start marking phone calls for interviews at about 3 weeks........................................

    If I hear anything (either way) I'll let you know!!
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    Ok, Thanks! Yea, I guess we've been reading the same posts on here, I was really hoping to maybe hear something this week! Oh well, hopefully we will both hear something soon! Good luck!
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    I have been counting down to the three week mark ~ LOL!!
    Good luck to you too!
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    I'm hoping to hear back soon too! I got an interview the last round, but no job offer... I'm hoping that if I got an interview once before that maybe I will get another?

    I just read on the old Mayo NG Board that someone got a phone call yesterday for an interview scheduled for a couple of weeks. Either it was their last day of phone calls or it could be the beginning :\
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    I got called this past week to set up an interview
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    Congrats! My application status still just says "application received". Did you apply to the critical care or the med surg new grad program?
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    Thank you! I applied for both and I honestly don't know which I am interviewing for. Good luck! Hopefully they're still calling people. =)
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    If you don't have any critical care experience as an RN then you are most likely interviewing for the med/surg. Last year I only applied for the ICU one (didn't understand the strict experience requirement) but I was actually interviewed for the med-surg one.
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    I did a critical care externship and preceptorship, so I'm not sure.
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    I did too, but it didn't matter. It had to be paid RN experience. But no worries, you're still qualified for the med-surg!
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    Congrats to those of you who have been contacted for interviews!!
    I am starting to lose hope...........................

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