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Hi, I applied to the Arizona Mayo New Grad program on March 1 when the application opened, and I was wondering if anyone has heard back yet?! It's been 3 weeks today, I would love to work at... Read More

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    I was also selected for an interview. I did not apply for critical care--I have no critical care experience. Wishing all of you the best of luck!!
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    thank you nursingstudent17. yes, wish of us best luck!
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    hi, nursingstudent17, when is ur interview?
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    Hi, I had it earlier this week. It didn't go as well as I had hoped, but it was my first interview so I guess I can't complain. I'll be surprised if I get hired though....I was very nervous! Good luck, I hope you do better than I did!!
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    Thank you Good luck to you too Did u have phone interview or in-person one?
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    Well I had my interview! I actually did interview for critical care and I thought it was a pretty tough interview! I didn't leave feeling terrible, but not extremely confident either. We'll see what happens, if nothing else it was good interview practice! Good luck to the rest of you! =)
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    I have an interview at Mayo next week. This is my first interview and I have no idea what to expect. People have written that it is really tough. From all my applications, this is the first and only response, and its the premier job. Any pointers would be welcolmed. Thanks.
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    Hi guys! Not sure any of you still go on here. But I received a phone call today for an interview at Mayo for the Feb start date. Anyone who been through the interview process would like to share any pointers, advice, type of questions or what I need to review???

    Thanks in advance!!!

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