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I am attempting to get information on a couple of the private programs in the area. They are all much more expensive than the CC's, but without waiting lists, they seem a bit more appealing to me!! There is a ton on here about... Read More

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    I see you were interested in ADN program at Pima. I started in August at the Mesa Campus and love it. So far the program has been nothing short of wonderful. The professors are wonderful and very very educated. Classes are hard and they expect a lot from us but the professors are very helpful. My class has a little over 30 students but we have a minimum of 5 teachers with all of us in lab. We start clinicals in Jan. and I'm nervous but excited.

    As for the expensive tuition, yes it's a lot. I went back and fourth with it for a long time, but when I realized I still had at least a year to go to get into a community college the decision was easy for me. Now that I've started PIMA I'm glad because I know we as students get more one on one with the teachers than the students at community college. We also get the help from the students that are further along in the program. I have a mentor that is in block 3 (at PIMA she is called a Sophomore) and she is so helpful.

    I hope my opinion helps. If you have any questions about the program please feel free to ask!

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    Hey Face!
    Thanks so much for the reply and info on your classes! I am definitely still up in the air about the program mostly because of the cost and the chance of not finding a job right out of graduation from the program. I think I will be applying to the Northern Arizona University for their BSN program that will start fall 2012. But I haven't completely ruled out PMI just yet. It's a relief to hear that the educators are at least legit. Good luck in your future and with clinicals!

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