Any info on Yavapai vs. Hualapai vs. Kingman vs. Sierra Vista ? - page 2

by kyzur, BSN, RN | 3,015 Views | 10 Comments

wanting to move to arizona for several reasons and have narrowed it down to 3 areas but not easy to get much info on real world experience at the hospitals in each area and wages. we have visited kingman & prescott areas... Read More

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    I worked in OB. The unit was on west campus (in Prescott) until spring of 2010, where the entire unit moved to east campus (PV). I moved out of state literally weeks before the whole unit relocated, so I never got to work in PV, which made me sad, because I lived literally a mile from the new unit, the commute would have been sweet.

    I see you work in NICU - YRMC does have a level two. They got their official certification after relocating to the new campus, no vents though, and nothing under 32 (?) weeks. But prior to that, we did a lot of unofficial level 2 stuff - feeder/growers, IV abx, hoods and nasal cannulas, lights.

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