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  1. Humana
  2. Telephonic Case Managemen interview in 2 days!
  3. What Is your typical work day like as a Case Manager in an IPA?
  4. Am I what you would call a case manager?
  5. Anyone work for Health at Home, a division of Life Care Services?
  6. Medicaid case management?
  7. Discharge planning software
  8. Case Management Certificate Program for International Nurses
  9. Clinical Nurse Leaders in Case management roles
  10. Anyone works in Palm Beach county Florida?
  11. questions about CM from home for Humana
  12. typical path to becoming a nurse case manager
  13. Telephonic Case Manager...Sales?
  14. Starting my new utilization review nursing postion in one week. :-)
  15. What is the difference between Case Mgmt and Utilization Review?
  16. What is case management like in the LTC facility setting?
  17. Home health to CM?
  18. How to find CM/UR jobs in Maryland area?
  19. Humana Employees
  20. Flipping from Obs to Inpt
  21. CPUR o CPUM certification
  22. Case Manager Opportunities in Tampa, FL
  23. Case Mgmt Experience/ New RN
  24. Interqual or similar resource for Hospital Case Managers
  25. hospice case management -- silverado
  26. Ccm exam
  27. New Hospital Case Manager/UM & I am overwhelmed..............
  28. Repost-- what kind of questions specific to UTILIZATION REVIEW can I be expecting?
  29. Has anyone worked at Mass General Hospital in Boston (Or another Boston..
  30. Has anyone worked at Mass General Hospital in Boston (Or another Boston..
  31. Utilization Review RN interview VERY SOON!!! please help!
  32. Is hospice case manager eligible to take the CCM exam?
  33. How to break into case management nursing and utilization review....
  34. Need advice on criteria for case load
  35. what is a case management nurse?
  36. Do I have enough experience to even try?
  37. BSN needed for Case Management???
  38. new in case management
  39. Please help w/CM job decision!! Advice would be *very much* appreciated! : )
  40. Are you a happy, sad or frustrated CM?
  41. A day in the life of a Case Manager...
  42. Great link for ce for case management!
  43. case management for Coventry ?
  44. Workman's Comp. Case Management...Where do I start?
  45. Workman's Comp. Case Management...Where do I start?
  46. Disease Case Manager educating a member in a different state than your license
  47. Mental/Behavioral Health CM: Does anybody do this? please help : )
  48. EHR?
  49. Potential Job Offer - advice please!
  50. Job Offer: Please help!! Time sensitive
  51. Home Health case manager
  52. Utilization Management - sending clinicals
  53. moving to case management, advice?
  54. What is it like to work from home? Telephonic CM
  55. RN case management relevant
  56. Any Clinic Case Managers?
  57. CM in acute rehab
  58. Books for home health case managment
  59. Observation Letters
  60. Any idea where I can find the CCM exam flashcards for cheap?
  61. Advice needed, please!!!!!!
  62. ER Case Manager..........
  63. Help returning to work as a case manager
  64. Case management, HMOS, PPOS
  65. Hospital Case Manager Interview advice
  66. What is the Salary range for a CM position for an insurance company?
  67. LPN as a Case Management Nurse?
  68. Case Manager at HealthSouth???
  69. Does anyone here do Behavioral health/mental health CM? salary & other ?s
  70. Whats next after doing CM?
  71. Amerigroup case management
  72. Amerigroup?
  73. Just need some encouragement
  74. Figuring out the Case Management Certification Path
  75. Anyone familiar with ASN??
  76. Case Management at Memorial Hermann
  77. too much to do
  78. Confused
  79. Advice in changing to 3M product for Clinical Documentation Specialists
  80. How are you decreasing readmission rates??
  81. This area needs a stickie.
  82. need info please!
  83. Bummer..no stickie, interview for CM
  84. Recommend CM Journal?
  85. Case Management Programs and Tips to Entry
  86. Breaking into Case Management ?
  87. Pay Same as Staff Nurse?
  88. MSN Case Managment
  89. Needs interview advice
  90. Interqual
  91. 2014 Healthcare Reform
  92. going in for a 2nd interview.....need advice
  93. How much do you make?
  94. Acute Rehab CM Frustrations
  95. Any cons toward accepting a UR position and leaving bedside?
  96. Become Certified Case Manager, no CM experience
  97. Help! Anyone heard of Cigna?
  98. conflict in hospital case management
  99. Telephonic Nursing/Optum Health
  100. dc planner / case mgt - salary vs hourly?
  101. Is it hard to switch from Utilization management to bedside nursing?
  102. Amerisys
  103. Telephonic Case Manager for UHC
  104. Managing 140 to 150 patients per case load
  105. Career Path for New Grad
  106. have you heard of this company?
  107. company feedback
  108. Background of a Case Manager
  109. HELP! Job offer from Mckesson (disease management)
  110. Humana Beginnings
  111. ER CM advice
  112. Please help--cystic fibrosis patients that don't meet inpatient criteria
  113. Executive Health Resources
  114. Possible CM job- Santa Clarita, CA
  115. Hospital RN to Utilization Review ie Insurance Nurse
  116. Case manager discharge planning vs. social work
  117. Social Workers making home IV infusion referrals.
  118. Compare to CM in the UK
  119. anyone work in Medicaid CM?
  120. Anyone done pharmacy management?
  121. How rewarding is it to be a case management rn?
  122. Hours spent on the phone?
  123. Case management director
  124. Please Help...CM or Clinical Nurse?
  125. How to turn it off?/LONG
  126. is CM the right move
  127. Utilization Review?
  128. Case Management vs. Coordinator of Care
  129. Interview questions
  130. Case Management Conference?
  131. Does CM Experience as Social Worker Help?
  132. Do Medical Directors really review clinicals?
  133. Does anyone....
  134. Elderly Case Managment / Day Care
  135. Professional Liability Insurance
  136. CEUs
  137. Remote Disease Management
  138. Education/experience required
  139. How to get position at UnitedHealth Group/Blue Cross Blue shield
  140. Anyone do CM for insurance companies?
  141. New to CM--question about scope
  142. Website for Case Managers
  143. Should I choose CM as a new nursing field?
  144. PACE Program
  145. Day in the life of a Case Manager?
  146. Nurse Coordinator vs. Case Manager
  147. Do doctors
  148. CCM W/No Experience
  149. Salary for....
  150. Bariatric Case Manager/United
  151. Ripped off?
  152. Becoming a CM with no experience in CM
  153. Question for CM's w/ home offices...
  154. case manager vs. nursing coordinator
  155. Interviewing with Humana...
  156. What's the difference betw case manager and UR?
  157. How much should I charge?
  158. Need advice from case managers that work from home. Should I take this job?
  159. Lpn with a new Case Manager Position :)
  160. Any Case Managers who work with Medicaid patients?
  161. Masters in Nursing (Case Management emphasis)
  162. Day in the Life of a Case Manager?
  163. Should I run away screaming?
  164. Contract OWCP
  165. Telephonic case manager
  166. 2nd interview with the CMO. What to expect?
  167. how do Lvn's become case manager or utilization review
  168. Do you have any experience working as a case manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield?
  169. Advice on becoming a case manager
  170. Please help me ....How to get in to Case Management RN BSN Since 2004
  171. Orientation schedule
  172. New to Case Management
  173. Legitimate Avenues for Certification and Training???
  174. Applied for a CM job now have to take a test
  175. Kaplan Online
  176. CM references for hospitals
  177. case management jobs
  178. Thoughts on Samuel Merritt direct entry case management program
  179. Utilization Review forms
  180. Healthways
  181. Case manager interview via e-mail
  182. Any info on Integrated Care Management?
  183. Confused non-clinician in need of RN educator! Case Mgt vs. UM vs. UR?
  184. Telephonic CM vs Field CM for Workers. Comp.
  185. Orientation for new case manager
  186. Are there 12 hr case management positions?
  187. LVN interested in becoming case manager?
  188. Role of CCM in the ER?
  189. Field Case Management
  190. Cm is a thankless job!
  191. Health Homes
  192. Experience needed???
  193. Is it possible to take a class or get certified for ICD coding?
  194. Care coordinator vs Case Management
  195. What is entry-level RN CM salary in different states?
  196. Interview with Coventry Workers Comp Services
  197. Case Management handbook?
  198. Case mgmt: questions to ask at the interview
  199. Masters or Case Management Certificate?
  200. Medicare Observation vs Inpatient
  201. What is it like going from med/surg to UR (no case management)?
  202. Okay...what about from ICU to case management (UR)
  203. Tips on breaking into case management nursing from L&D do I stand a chance?
  204. can you branch from hospice case mgt to hospital case mgt
  205. Travel Case Management Jobs?
  206. pediatric cardiology coordinator (case manager )
  207. Hospice case management... is it for me?
  208. Practice Based Case Management
  209. United Healthcare
  210. loking for a position in TBI
  211. nursing case management admistrator certification
  212. New grad jobs in healthcare consulting
  213. CCM vs. ACM
  214. VNA anyone?
  215. New RN Orthopedic Case Manager needs guidance!
  216. Community Acquired Pneumonia
  217. Advice on breaking into case management
  218. Interested in patient care coordinator RN job & need info
  219. refresher rn
  220. Field Case Mgr. Humana vs. Unitedhealth?
  221. new grad rn case manager going rate?
  222. Case managment vs. Home health case managing
  223. Suggestions needed for New Nurse and MD Rounds
  224. Hewlett Packard Utilization Review Nurse?
  225. Virginia Case Management-Can I do this??
  226. CCM EXAM
  227. Certified Professional in Healthcare Management
  228. Utilization Review vs Case Management
  229. Need Ideas: breaking into UR with no experience
  230. Any RN Case Managers in GA?
  231. Typical Case Load/Salary/Schedule For Case Mgr.
  232. Interviewing with Wellpoint...*nervous*
  233. What would you do if you left Case management?
  234. CCM Test Guides
  235. Onsite Inpatient Care Manager
  236. Concurrent Review for managed care company interview ?
  237. What are average billable hours for field case managers?
  238. Is this "fraud"?
  239. Travel Case Manager, New York, New York
  240. Applying for UR or Case Management Position... Need help!!!
  241. What if you do not think a pt is ready for discharge?
  242. Do/did you like utilization management? HELP!!!
  243. Home assessments
  244. University of Southern Indiana case management certificate
  245. Case Manager/Field Rn Salary for New Grad
  246. Psych Utilization Management
  247. Hello case managers
  248. Help with 1st case management interview
  249. Average cost of LTAC?
  250. Is a 3-day case management course worth it?