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  1. ACOD (New York State) and Virginia Board of Nursing - sealed records
  2. Getting a job with a summons offense
  3. Littering Ticket
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  5. CA student w/ recent DUI - PLS HELP
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  9. Please help.
  10. Worried about my past!!
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  15. Juvenile felony, can I still be a nurse?
  16. Disclosure of dropped charges for license renewal
  17. Nursing school admission with DUI less than 5 years ago
  18. Nursing school admission with DUI less than 5 years ago
  19. New to Texas with Stipulations
  20. Going back to school
  21. revoked lpn license
  22. it is possible
  23. Marajuana Misdemeanor
  24. Getting into nursing school with misdemeanors
  25. Summary offense.. help please?
  26. Arkansas MSN, FNP
  27. I have an criminal background
  28. Declaratory Order Process and Polygraph Exam
  29. Denied licensure please help
  30. No Convictions but criminal charges
  31. Misdemeanor Conviction hit and run, property damage
  32. Career change.. CA w/ 2 misdemeanors?
  33. FL RN student with misdemeanors seeks answers please
  34. BRN Stipulated Agreement
  35. RN with a misdemeanor
  36. Past disciplinary action overturned
  37. Louisiana State Board of Nursing
  38. transfering VA LN to VA LVN-misdemeanor
  39. legal advice???
  40. Texas BON and New Letter
  41. Do Nursing Schools see expunged records
  42. Misdemeanor Advice
  43. Hiring RN with a felony
  44. RN applicants with criminal past
  45. Speeding Ticket on Background Check
  46. conviction ?
  47. Getting a job when you have a record
  48. disorderly conduct/ can i still be registered as CNA
  49. How to perform a Background Check on Self?
  50. New Grad w/ DUI in CA
  51. DWI Misdemeanors in past. Board wants more info...
  52. I have Misdemeanor Convictions in my past. Board wants more info...
  53. CA NCLEX traffic violation report?
  54. CA NCLEX traffic violation report?
  55. 2 duis in CA and applying to take NCLEX
  56. Investigated by BON
  57. Transferred RN from Iowa to Texas, and it has been an ordeal d/t a 11yr old DUI
  58. Awaiting Decision from MN Board
  59. Waiting for the CA BRN to approve stipulated agreement
  60. Fake ID ticket and getting an RN license
  61. rn with dui cant obtain employment in ny
  62. Will I ever get hired after temp suspension?
  63. Under Investigation...need help
  65. Trying To Become a CNA With Criminal History?
  66. 1st time dui... Any advice will help..
  67. cna with a misdemeanor petty larceny
  68. Criminal background in Texas , pls help!
  69. Probation
  70. Texas Enforcement Process
  71. exclusion from the healthcare program
  72. Nursing License and MIC/MIPs
  73. I need help
  74. Will a OTH in lieu of court martial prevent me from getting RN licence?
  75. California Lvn nursing school DUI Nclex help
  76. Misdemeanor-A&B, assault with a deadly weapon
  77. Drug testing and Prohormone use
  78. Texas BoN Enforcement woes, misdemeanor disclosure
  79. Current RDA with conviction and license probation
  80. Why is it taking so long to get my license back
  81. Scared about my speeding ticket and getting my lvn license denied
  82. Finding CNA job with mistake
  83. *Sigh* Need some encouragement.
  84. previous disciplinary action need to get licensed in another state
  85. Background Check
  86. domestic violence question
  87. Applying with Eligibility Issues (criminal history)
  89. MA student about to apply for board exam
  90. Pre Employment Background Check, RN Job at Hospital, So Cal
  91. Investigations
  92. Chemical Dependency Evaluation!!
  93. Are there any happy endings in this thread?
  94. Good Moral Character Application with missing court paperwork :/
  95. California BRN and Enforcement Dept.
  96. 2 previous DUI's in SC....will this prevent me from being licensed as an RN?
  97. Recent Misdemeanor Charges
  98. New Grad with criminal record
  99. A spot on my record !!!
  100. NCLEX-RN applicant in CA w/ minor misdemeanor
  101. expunged record
  102. Travel advice
  103. Career Suicide
  104. Can I become a Nurse?
  105. can you ever get back your CNA?
  106. HELP
  107. Criminal Record?? Help!!
  108. Help! I have a felony on my record.
  109. Starting LPN Program At ATS Chicago With Criminal History
  110. DUI Prior to Licensure
  111. A worried young girl desperate to be a nurse
  112. LVN license revoked, need assistance to regain licensure
  113. Texas BON
  114. new grad with a dui history in new jersey
  115. Background check & nursing- Help!! PLEASE?
  116. I answered "yes" to criminal history for reckless driving
  117. Thinking about nursing with criminal history
  118. Powers that be really have no impact on your life, unless you let them.
  119. First public drunk charge, May graduation
  120. dismissed felony & trying to become a RN
  121. Anyone having trouble getting cleared by Tx BON?
  122. Question for any Nurse in charge of hiring
  123. Pending DWI (Texas)
  124. Nursing School Graduate, Still waiting for ATT
  125. Success story! nurse with DUI
  126. Traffic ticket, BRN application and self disclosure
  127. Current Nursing Student w/ DUI
  128. Montana BON and misdemeanors
  129. Already employed...but recent criminal offense
  130. New charges, is my career over or can I save it?
  131. Background checks
  132. Just hired to hospital. Traffic violations in Nursing?
  133. 7 Misdemeanor charges CA
  134. Texas* BON DECLATORY ORDER*help!!
  135. Jobs in Nursing w/Expunged Misdemeanor Assault
  136. nurse with consent order
  137. Felony in New York
  138. Will moving to a different state help me find a job
  139. Class B misdemeanor
  140. Are Speeding Tickets Reported to The Board of Nursing
  142. Petty Theft Infraction
  143. Declaratory order Texas
  144. Job Hunt w/ Arrest Record
  145. Didn't disclose Juvenile sealed arrest to BON
  146. what are the restrictions for taking NCLEX-PN please help
  147. Background check shows I was charged with a felony
  148. Record as a Minor
  149. First nursing job with stipulations on license and felony
  150. Getting accepted into Nursing School?
  151. Florida BON
  152. curfew violation as a minor?
  153. shoplifting nurse... License revocation?
  154. Will I be able to be a nurse?
  155. California Nursing student with a Misdemeanor 14yrs ago.
  156. I do not want a probational license. Advice?
  157. Criminal Records and Nursing in Virginia
  158. Interview Mon, Do you disclose pending charge to interviewer?
  159. CA nursing license appeal process
  160. Applying for license with previous DUIs
  162. NCSBN: How criminal background checks performed by state
  163. Starting clinicals soon, will my past hold me back?
  164. Getting approved for LPN license with past DUI
  165. nursing home background checks
  166. Assault with bodily injury
  167. 20 Year Old, Perspective Vocational Nurse Student with Class C Misdemeanors...
  168. Senior Nursing Student: DUI
  169. Will my criminal record keep me from getting licensed
  170. licensing after an arrest
  171. Has anyone had their application rejected by the BRN for having arrests / convictions
  172. Assault & Battery
  173. Driving under the influence
  174. Too Many Sad Days
  175. Prospective Nursing School student with a record. Advice please?
  176. texas board or nursing- non-disclosure
  177. Explanation of steps for Texas Board of Nurses
  178. Can you get into Nursing School with an "Expunged" criminal record in California?
  179. Renewing License in PA with simple assault charge
  180. Question about the NOB Application and Background Check
  181. Prospective student who with "fixed" record.
  182. Prospective nursing student with juvenile record, help!
  183. DUI
  184. Has anyone been hired with a criminal background?
  185. LVN and DUI
  186. dui. new grad, denied license, looking for advice
  187. Tx BON- Already graduated & had to file Decleratory Order!
  188. Trouble with the California Board of RN, need advice or opinion
  189. Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
  190. Need some advice
  191. NJ BON attorney help!
  192. Can I be a nurse if I assaulted a cop?
  193. Louisiana Prior Arrest with complete dismissal Denied to enter Nursing School
  194. Deficiency Checklist for criminal activity after NCLEX?
  195. I need serious career advice!
  196. drug diversion program and felony count help! pls.
  197. I have a wet reckless in ca/ took my nclex but the board asking for more info
  198. Applying for nursing reciprocity in FL
  199. Virginia RN licensure w/ misdemeanor
  200. 19, entering nursing school, and violation of law
  201. Wisconsin barrier crimes
  202. Is there life after medicaid fraud ?
  203. Personal Legal issues. How can it effect my RN license?
  204. Indiana changes expungement Law effective 07/01/2013
  205. Trying to become LPN with a previous arrest
  206. I need assistance
  207. Illinois nurses please help!
  208. Renewal of RN license with a ticket in another state
  209. all new too me!
  210. Nurses on probation
  211. RN with dropped misdemeanor
  212. Application to the Florida BON
  213. TN BON decides tomorrow
  214. Chances??
  215. I am so confused! TX BON.
  216. Help!!! New to nursing / prior felony / TPAPN
  217. Didn't report reckless driving to BON, I'm up for renewal, so now what? HELP!
  218. Reported to board and other agency sends a letter reporting too!!
  219. Nursing school while on Adult Probation
  220. Stipulated Agreement Timeframe
  221. Got my RN license in CA with 5 felonies and 3 midemeanors
  222. application denied because of past criminal history
  223. Illinois nurses please help!
  224. Michigan OWVI prior to nursing school
  225. Unsure what to do
  226. Board of Oklahoma
  227. Any news about pot legalization and BONs?
  228. Petty theft and nursing
  229. ADN Graduate with questions
  230. First offense dui!
  231. LVN with stipulations!!!!!
  232. Need advise. About to be put on probation in CA for DUI.
  233. need advice about speeding ticket
  234. Background checks/need help
  235. Want to be a CNA & was arrested as a minor.
  236. About to have a nervous breakdown
  237. Pre-nursing student arrested for DV, no charges filed
  238. no conviction DWI effects on MO license
  239. Here we go..... I have 24 Class C Misdemeanors...
  240. Fingerprints for California Nurses
  241. Simple Battery. Do I finish school?
  242. License with an active restraining order?
  243. Nursing Student can't find a job with a misdemeanor.
  244. OK BON
  245. Class C Misdemeanor for Paraphernalia in Texas
  246. NJ BON
  247. Help! graduated with honors from BSN program!
  248. Best Career Opportunities with Criminal Record
  249. On child abuse registry and trying to fill out BON application
  250. declaratory order form : HELP!