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  1. The patient is great...
  2. PA Private Duty Agencies -- Decent Health Insurance
  3. RN pay per hour in CA?
  4. Do you have to bring your own glove supply to work?
  5. I interview with mom tomorrow- any advice?
  6. No order for indwelling catheter
  7. I'm a nurse, not a babysitter!!!
  8. Pressure to take unsafe shifts.
  9. How does a CNA get a private duty case in NC?
  10. Agencies... How do they staff?
  11. Narcotic count
  12. CNA/HHA Assisting with ADLs, Meds, etc., without a Care Plan
  13. Deceptive firing practices
  14. med error
  15. Drawing up meds
  16. How to go about a private duty case so I am legally covered...
  17. What to do if patient refuses the nurse relieving you?
  18. question
  19. Private Duty Nursing in Roch, NY
  20. Which agencies give "un-timed" pre- employment tests?
  21. Private Duty in Florida
  22. just informed that mom wants me to drive her kids to school
  23. A little Help Please.....
  24. Why is it so hard?
  25. Can pdn nurses collect unemployment while pt hospitalized?
  26. Lookng to transfer to Florida from New Jersey
  27. First night!
  28. Is this the norm?
  29. Can I get paid to care for my mother
  30. What is the standard re: non-English speaking families?
  31. Private duty Director of Nursing salary & job description?
  32. Medicaid rates?
  33. Changing a nephrostomy dressing
  34. Thank you for all your comments over the years
  35. Mom said no more pain meds
  36. What does the clinical care coordinator do?
  37. Private duty-which one is the best?
  38. Checking for residual
  39. Important things to review
  40. What is a good pay rate for PDN in Mass?
  41. How do your start your day on paper that is.
  42. Homecare RN needs relief!!!!!
  43. ohh soo confused
  44. Do you chart on plain lined paper?
  45. IPAD APP for nursing notes?
  46. Minor rant. Leaving notes the parents ask to be written.
  47. How much notice when leaving a case?
  48. "Unusual charting"
  49. How long does your patient stay in hospital?
  50. Should I leave this case? Worried.
  51. PDN...Facebook friend??
  52. another PDN in WI question
  53. Emedny question from longtime lurker!
  54. My patient died :(
  55. private duty and new LPN in WI?
  56. Post-its everywhere!
  57. todays rant
  58. Provider number question
  59. Burnt out!
  60. no dose to give written on MAR anymore?
  61. Became an independent nurse provider and now my agency is taking legal action help!!
  62. stupid complaints...so frustrating!
  63. NY private duty nurse- over time/pay raise?
  64. Houston area PDNs
  65. Joys of working Private Duty
  66. Private Duty Blood Draws
  67. Help with Prior Approval on ePaces?
  68. PDN at night
  69. How hard is it to become an LPN medicaid provider in florida?
  70. LPN interested in Private Duty Work. Can I bill private insurances
  71. New to PDN
  72. question on Vent patient
  73. Socal peds agencies
  74. Issues @ work, need suggestions
  75. Help any NY Medicaid Providers!
  76. NYC Agencies
  77. Physician Orders in PDN
  78. can you hire without going though an angecy
  79. how do you get PDN clients for the agency????
  80. Anyone get rejected lately from cases?
  81. What are the Not So Good Things about working Private Duty
  82. too hot in the home
  83. Late minute calls for private duty work
  84. Private duty nursing???
  85. Would you quit a job to make 10 dollars less an hour
  86. Medicare/Medicaid provider number in Iowa
  87. Where do they get these people?
  88. Finding RNs
  89. Unprofessional Staff
  90. Can anyone help me with a Pediatric PDN flowsheet?
  91. Need some help and advice
  92. Need easier tranfer technique for pt. with paralyzed legs
  93. New Grad RN: Home Health or Hold Out?
  94. Is this a policy for other agencies too?
  95. Weird call from Dad
  96. Nurses aren't maids!
  97. G-tube bolus feeding question. Please help.
  98. use of fingerstick vs Venipuncture to test INRs
  99. What is the standard of Care in Private duty Nursing?
  100. Emergencies in the home
  101. What should I do?
  102. Help identifying lung sounds of vent baby
  103. Kid keeps pulling out his trach!!!!!
  104. Preventing pediatric disability
  105. When to let client and agency know you're pregnant
  106. Not sure what happened
  107. New to Private Duty Nursing...
  108. Pediatric patient- home nurse situations!?
  109. Are all Group home workers like this?
  110. Is Home Health Aide 24 Hr Live-in Rate $100/day Too Low?
  111. Ever get spooked on night shift?
  112. Private duty rant...
  113. Do you "friend" your pts on Facebook???
  114. On Call Staffing, Inc., ever heard of it??
  115. New LVN Grad Interviewing for Private Nurse - Tips?
  116. How do you clean Mickey bolus extensions ?
  117. When are you going to get a "real" job?
  118. The danger of being a "normal kid" in college
  119. Why I am leaving my private duty case....
  120. Please share: likes and dislikes about private duty nursing
  121. Private duty Agency
  122. new pdn job
  123. Private Duty Nsg. for a Family Member?
  124. Trach removal-How long till G-tube dc'd?
  125. Vent: Client's insurance changed, hours cut!
  126. Finding private duty cases on my own
  127. Finding work in New Jersey
  128. Wisconsin LPN Scope of Practice
  129. Unsafe agency, unsafe case. Need advice please!
  130. best ways to find private duty, independantly
  131. Not enjoying going to school with child
  132. Pediatric Home Care
  133. What do I do? Roaches, no heat...
  134. What to do? Roaches, no heat...
  135. Calling out due to snow
  136. New to PDN, HELP!?!
  137. Why is it so hard to find night shift Private Duty nurses?
  138. New to pediatric private duty nursing...want education.
  139. Getting a raise in private duty nursing?
  140. private duty in a BAD neighborhood
  141. Are your wages comparable to the hospitals in your area?
  142. Suctioning in the classroom?
  143. Pulse ox not working correctly
  144. Can I do private duty in NJ without an agency?
  145. Should I report this agency to the BBB?
  146. I got gifts from patient's family
  147. fairly new grad in private-duty nursing, question about orientation
  148. Liar Liar pants on fire!!!!
  149. What's ok and what's not?
  150. Pay at PSA Healthcare in Aurora/Denver
  151. Is private duty the "easy way out"?
  152. new to private duty, vent/trach questions
  153. No dogs allowed in room
  154. how can I start RN private duty in NY
  155. New grad needs advice. PDN??
  156. communication book
  157. What to do at school
  158. As a PDN, have you ever travelled with your patient?
  159. private duty nursing overseas surgical procedures
  160. Confused about new medicaid rules
  161. Background check rejected
  162. Syringes that fit Mic-Key button g-tube
  163. Vent and Trach Certification
  164. Medical Insurance for RN's, LPN's, CNA's
  165. What are the home care policies?
  166. Foster parent for medically fragile child
  167. Am I the only person who DOESN'T sleep on the night shift.
  168. At School With Child. What to Wear?
  169. Can you be on medicaid and blue cross?
  170. Tell us about you!
  171. It cost me $59.25 just to apply for a job?
  172. Private Duty Agencies in Fort Worth
  173. who signs the timesheets?
  174. RN told she will now get LPN wages
  175. Lack of supplies to do home care?
  176. Big brother watching...among other things!
  177. ltv 950 vents
  178. Spilled coffee on nurses notes and other things
  179. How to say goodbye?
  180. Give prn meds because Mom said to give it?
  181. Did I make the right decision
  182. Experienced Private Duty Nurses
  183. Private duty nursing vs. LTC nursing
  184. Home care vs ICU
  185. Can distilled water be used for suctioning trachs?
  186. Dangerous home, what to do?
  187. Do you have to do constant interaction with your DD patient?
  188. Attention private duty nurses
  189. Attention private duty nurses
  190. Scheduling Software?
  191. Noble Home Care
  192. What is private duty nursing really?
  193. How do I find private duty work outside of an angency?
  194. Life after PDN????
  195. Maxin nsg per diem
  196. Downtime in the home??
  197. fed up with the families
  198. heartbroken
  199. Is there a national private duty agency that you would reccomend?
  200. Forms for PDN. HELP!!!!
  201. should i stay on this case?
  202. home health aide hours
  203. What are the steps?
  204. Legal issues with private duty nsg
  205. What do you call this kind of job?
  206. Amotec
  207. I'm afraid to go to school with child
  209. safe situation or not?
  210. Free Time for Doctors Visits?
  211. Vent: sick of complaints about other nurses
  212. I need some advice on suctioning trachs
  213. Health Insurance for Home Health Care
  214. Who is my boss?
  215. Thanks a bunch. Leaving hospital nursing for good!!!
  216. Hiring Measures -LPN to RN-does this sound right?
  217. not sure how to work with this family
  218. akward situations in the home
  219. From Hospital Nursing to Private Duty
  220. Trach tubes popping out of patients
  221. Is this the Norm?
  222. Lack of hours
  223. PSA Interview
  224. I want Sundays and Mondays off.
  225. Pay Rates for Private Duty in the Hershey, PA area
  226. New to Peds and Private Duty/Home Health, Have Questions
  227. is Private Duty Nursing and Home Health Nursing
  228. Bayada nurses pay
  229. 2 total care patients for one nurse
  230. How do I become a private duty nurse?
  231. question for Bayada nurse (especially in New York)
  232. weighing my options
  233. How are the families in PDN
  234. Private duty nurses job description in the hospital
  235. Anyone started in Pediatric Private Duty Nursing without experience?
  236. Pediatric Home Care Salary in DFW
  237. Feast or Famine / Private Duty in South Fl.
  238. Agencies in San Jose/Bay Area, CA?
  239. offered an opportunity to do independent private duty nursing
  240. can I get fired ?
  241. Thinking of moving from LTC to Private Duty....wise decision?
  242. Private Duty Nurses Needed for Arkansas
  243. Confused PDN or HH???
  244. New to PDN, and Have Safety Questions
  245. why are there sooo many jobs in private duty
  246. Interview- New Grad PD
  247. Is this unusual/illegal for a private duty nursing agency?
  248. I'm a nurse. Not a housekeeper!
  249. How do I become a self-employed nurse in California?
  250. New to private duty, how do I do this well