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  1. Is PACU (recovery room?) good door to OR?
  2. wasting of narcs in pacu
  3. Specialty Switch ICU V. PACU
  4. CPAN Exam
  5. How many codes happen in a PACU?
  6. Plastic Cases-IV Fluids
  7. Soon to be New grad
  8. Too Much On Call?
  9. Defining the Criteria for PACU lengths of Stay
  10. Brand new world! Nicu to Pacu!
  11. New PACU NURSE
  12. Pediatric post tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy
  13. CHOA (Egleston) in Atlanta
  14. Leaving the ED for the PACU
  15. PACU hold times
  16. New to PACU
  17. RN post op lap chole, 200mcg of Fentanyl, still severe pain!
  18. PACU care of pts with substance use/abuse
  19. Just took the CPAN and passed. Ask me anything.
  20. Lap Chole Bundle
  21. What is...
  22. What is...
  23. OR/PACU question
  24. Phase 2 nursing
  25. I've hit the wall--suggestions?
  26. PACU Hours
  27. Interested in transitioning to PACU
  28. Propofol gtt in PACU?
  29. Tips for a new PACU RN
  30. preceptorship in pacu
  32. PACU Staffing Ratios
  33. How do you triage in your PACU/ do breaks.
  34. Time to change specialties...
  35. Malignant hyperthermia education
  36. Interested in PACU
  37. Studying for CAPA/CPAN
  38. Plastic Surgery anyone?
  39. Techs on PACU???
  40. Phase I/ Phase II recovery
  41. What meds would this PACU test cover?
  42. Step Down to PACU
  44. PICU to perianesthesia
  45. PACU preceptorship at a women's hospital
  46. What's the weirdest cardiac rhythm you've seen in the PACU?
  47. Mixing pacu phase 1 & 2 pts
  48. Operating room nurse wants to become a Pacu nurse
  49. Opportunity at Oral Surgery clinic but iv skills rusty and no recovery experience
  50. Post op recovery of regional C-section
  51. NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation) for PACU- necessary, helpful, waste of time?
  52. Interview for PRN Recovery position in PACU unit that only listed CPR as requirement?
  53. MAC anesthesia versed / propofol
  54. Decadron in PACU
  55. OR nurse being used to recover pacu pt.
  56. ICU RN in need of less physically demanding unit, PACU?
  57. Question about PACU
  58. Cardioversions in PACU
  59. Role of a PACU nurse?
  60. Calling PACU
  61. Considering a day surgery position
  62. Competency Based Orientation and Credentialing Program for the Registered Nurse in th
  63. Med-surg to PACU transition
  64. Advice on finding different PACU job
  65. Ideas on quirky, funny, or sweet PACU-related saying
  66. Policy on length of stay in the PACU
  67. working in PACU, and your OR team doesn't give a ***** about you
  68. ECT PACU to PACU in hospital
  69. Medicating PONV vs. watchful waiting
  70. typical day of a PACU nurse?
  71. PACU interview qustions?... please help~
  72. Preceptorship in the PACU
  73. PACU and interventional radiology
  74. Anyone ever heard of psychosis after propofol use?
  75. Do your PACU RN's also staff your Pre-Op area?
  76. New Grad 1st Job in PACU
  77. Too quiet to be a PACU nurse?
  78. What questions to expect on an interview for Pacu or preop nursing.
  79. PACU nursing handbook by Debbie Lacheur
  80. Average recovery times?
  81. Making a change
  82. In-service for PACU nurses?
  83. Certification
  84. PACU Call Coverage
  85. What is it like being a Pre-op nurse?
  86. Help making a decision
  87. Survey to help new grad
  88. getting foot in the door
  89. New nurse grad advice
  90. Endoscopy position taken but asked to interview for PACU....thoughts?
  91. What other specialties can I go into with PACU experience?
  92. PACU Training Resources
  93. Inpatient Pre-op Checklist
  94. spinal's in out patient surgery?
  95. Gloves
  96. reversing conscious sedation?
  97. refusing to prep a pt for surgery?
  98. New RN just hired into PACU
  99. Any pediatric PACU nurses here?
  100. PACU airways
  101. PACU opportunity...need advice
  102. Eek! What is PACU nursing? And do they really want to interview me?
  103. Cath lab recovery
  104. Neo/glyco side effects
  105. Patient transport from PACU
  106. Need help defining research "key words" please!
  107. Interview Help!
  108. Magnet QI for PACU
  109. PREOP Meds
  110. Pediatric PAR/PACU
  111. stupid question?
  112. PACU Clinical?
  113. OR delays
  114. Just got an interview, now what question should I ask?
  115. Loved PACU, hated on-call
  116. Tell me more about PACU nursing
  117. I need to get back to PACU!!!
  118. PACU orders
  119. New to Pacu
  120. DD Register
  121. Transition from ED to PACU
  122. Post-op Calls
  123. Transfer of Pediatric Patients back to the Unit from PACU
  124. what is a 23-hour observation unit like?
  125. what is the difference between the PACU and the post operative care unit?
  126. Lingering effects of versed for peds?
  127. Sooo close but so far =(
  128. Going from ED to PACU
  129. Capnography (ETCO2 Monitoring) Do you monitor extubated patients in the PACU w/ it?
  130. Transporting pediatric patients with o2 after anesthesia
  131. pacu brain?
  132. Does your OR have to hold til theres a PACU bay??
  133. questions about hospitals
  134. New nurse in PACU??
  135. From ER to PACU
  136. Med/surg nights to days in outpatient PACU?
  137. new PCA in PACU
  138. New job in PACU
  139. Just got called to interview for PACU new grad position
  140. New job!! Any book recommendations?
  141. discharge criteria for pacu patients
  142. GI lab phase 2 recovery room
  143. PACU or OR nurse??
  144. ER nurse interested in PACU
  145. Circulators recovering
  146. Considering a change to PACU
  147. PACU nurse give Ketamine?
  148. PACU internship
  149. Whoops...left PACU and REALLY missing it!!!!
  150. New Grad Med Surg or PACU?
  151. Just got Hired into Inpatient PACU!
  152. New Grad in the PACU
  153. CPAN exam
  154. PACU vs. Prep and Recovery
  155. My preceptorship will be in PACU, recommendations on what to brush up on?
  156. Do You Hold Discharges for Change of Shift?
  157. postop trach
  158. Hilarious post-anesthesia song
  159. Aldrete Score
  160. Nursing Student in the PACU
  161. Does anyone work in a pediatric PACU?
  162. PACU frustration
  163. Transferring from ICU to PACU
  164. Sedated patients in pre-op.
  165. Which comes first: PACU or ICU?
  166. migration of local anaesthetic due to positioning in PACU
  167. PACU resume
  168. Sibling visitation in PACU - what do you do?
  169. PACU catch phrase
  170. Lifting in the PACU
  171. crna
  172. Back-up call policy on weekends
  173. New Joint Commission Regulations for PACU Medications
  174. PACU interview
  175. ASPAN certification
  176. Phase II Question
  177. Division of Phase 1 & 2 PACU need answers
  178. Best path to becoming a day surgery nurse
  179. Questions About Your PACU
  180. Peer Interview Question regarding prioritization in Pacu/Ortho
  181. help me not suck :)
  182. Research - PACU
  183. Do you fax reports to the floor? Can you share your experience with this?
  184. PACU/OR nurse issues
  185. LVNs in ASC phase I recovery?
  186. Csection Recovery
  187. better way to become a PACU nurse
  188. working more that 16 hours straight
  189. Former ICU nurse wanting to move to recovery
  190. Interview help needed
  191. Is PACU area for new grads?
  192. Words of advice PACU tech
  193. How to get a position in this area ?
  194. Handoff of narcotics
  195. ER to PACU?
  196. e-mar scanning in PACU
  197. Transfer of ABD Sx pts from stretcher to bed?
  198. Your Policy for S/C Narcotic Discard?
  199. Possible PACU Interview Questions??
  200. Small, rural hospital: OR RN's recovering their own patients
  201. PACU Dress Code
  202. follow-up phone calls after daystay discharge from PACU
  203. ASPAN standards and staffing - frustrated and looking for advice
  204. Mixing Pre-ops and post-ops together in PACU
  205. Studying for CPAN test ?
  206. Respiratory Problems in PACU
  207. Creative Staffing Solutions for PACU
  208. New Charge RN in PACU
  209. phase I? phase II?
  210. PACU scheduling question
  211. PACU charting, please help!!!
  212. Patient length of stay in PACU
  213. New To PACU
  214. Accudose in PACU
  215. Nurse to nurse fighting/do we need a code of conduct?
  216. Looking for average salary advice
  217. Good orientation for a floor nurse new in PACU?
  218. Curious... Why would an ICU pt go to PACU?
  219. Is PACU considered critical care?
  220. LPN's/LVN's in a Phase II area of PACU.
  221. Any advice for a nurse new to PACU???
  222. Anterior cervical spine recovery
  223. Do you often have delays in getting your patients to ASU, or catch ASU hodling beds?
  224. Need opinion on IV Pain Management
  225. Am I doing a post angio assessment correctly?
  226. PACU charge
  227. compuer documentation
  228. Specific Questions about the PACU
  229. When is a gurney unacceptable?
  230. ER nurse in the PACU
  231. Pre-op assessements
  232. Wanting a job in PACU
  233. Spinal level for discharge to the floor?
  234. Any PACU orientation suggestions/resources?
  235. CPAN Certification Review
  236. Hospital Scrubs
  237. Trensfering patients to floor
  238. Narcotics at the bedside in t he PACU
  239. getting pts for OR
  240. Does your PACU recover general anesthesia c-sections?
  241. PACU Externship?
  242. Full Assessment, exception charting - how do you do it?
  243. Transporting patients post MAC anesthesic
  244. Am I Being Unrealistic?
  245. New PACU Nurse
  246. New Grad in the PACU?
  247. Anesthesia case study
  248. Patient assignments
  249. Cardiac sheaths in the PACU
  250. PICU clinicals