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  1. Where Do You Dispose of Narcotics?
  2. Newbie - ICU vs PACU
  3. "Trying out" PACU
  4. How Stressful is PACU?
  5. pacu preceptor
  6. Have You Ever Refused to Come in for Call?
  7. pain level of 10 but sleeping
  8. Post op fluid replacement
  9. What path does one take to work in PACU?
  10. pacu certificcatio tips
  11. cerification in pacu
  12. on call pay for pacu
  13. patient handovers
  14. Weekend Nurse?
  15. How about a liasion nurse ?
  16. Need help from experience PACU nurses!
  17. Looking to pick PACU nurses brain
  18. Tips on landing job in the PACU?
  19. Routine Orders for Pain Management in PACU
  20. epidural /pca policy
  21. all PACU RNs Wrote up!
  22. Extubating Dementia or Confused Pt.
  23. Anyone Have 10 hour shifts in their PACU?
  24. How do I get here?
  25. floating
  26. Post op Pedicatric transports without an RN
  27. Where after PACU?
  28. PACU nurses floating
  29. Why should a patient be suctioned every 30 minutes while receiving paralytic agents?
  30. New preop nurse
  31. Pacu Peds Transport
  32. Check for Bowel Sounds?
  33. Inservice ideas
  34. Spinal anesthetics in pre-op
  35. Morphine and Bronchospasm
  36. should LVN in CA work in PACU
  37. What's like to work in Phase II recovery room?
  38. What types of patients do you all recover in your PACU?
  39. CPAN books
  40. Video distraction for Pediatric Patients
  41. Would you take this assignment?
  42. Paperless in PACU
  43. No Beds
  44. charting the level of the spinal
  45. Airways in PACU
  46. ACLS and PALS classes
  47. a rapid response team that responds to the pacu?
  48. applying for job in outpatient PACU
  49. Insulin pump practice question
  50. Best book for PACU nurse?
  51. Dryness of mouth in PACU
  52. from ER to PACU
  53. PACU Transfer - Advice
  54. Transfering from PACU
  55. Endovascular AAA lenth of stay in PACU?
  56. New Grad in Outpatient Surgery
  57. PACU 'boarder unit'
  58. Reconfiguring Our Pain Cases (ESI's)
  59. Prep Pacu
  60. Back up PACU nurse on call
  61. Capa/Cpan
  62. Pacu Nurse
  63. curtains
  64. Trauma Patients in the PACU
  65. Housekeepers?
  66. What do you like about being PACU?
  67. Mission or Saddleback PACU?
  68. PACU Nursing
  69. PACU-ISMS...what are some of yall's?
  70. Opinions please re: Phase I
  71. CAPA exam
  72. It gets easier right???
  73. PACU at night?
  74. PICU to PACU
  75. Need care plan for sleep apnea patient
  76. How Long In Icu
  77. Pacu
  78. Spotting methamphetamine use post-op
  79. Bolus dose of bupivacaine via brachial plexus block
  80. Pre Op pts in PACU
  81. Med-Surg to PACU
  82. Need advice on interview for PACU
  83. Question about pacu nursing
  84. New gradute practical nurse starting IV's
  85. Offered a position in PACU. Sell me!
  86. Advice Please!
  87. PACU orientation- willing to relocate
  88. Open Hearts?!?!
  89. Pointers from seasoned PACU nurses, please!
  90. ICU to PACU
  91. Step Down Cardiac to PACU??
  92. How much previous experience is enough to make a competent PACU nurse?
  93. ?quidelines for using reversal agents in PACU?
  94. Can't decide... Please help
  95. Computer Charting in PACU Question
  96. Need more than RN for this specialty?
  97. In PACU now and loving it....what a journey!
  98. Cpan/capa
  99. Extremely stressful?
  100. PACU for me?
  101. Retension Ideals
  102. IV Fluids/Pumps
  103. I must be an idiot
  104. Sevo psychosis
  105. Overtime and call time in PACU
  106. PACU in Columbus, OH
  107. Admissions to pacu, rotation, how does it work, etc..
  108. I am pregnant and in pacu ok?
  109. Pacu
  110. Need orientation survival tips
  111. Pre surgery tours
  112. Rn
  113. PACU interview.
  114. Holding overnight (or even days at a time)
  115. Applying DVT prophylaxis in PACU
  116. Nursing Assistants in PACU
  117. Pediatric Discharge Criteria
  118. PACU slogan
  119. Criteria for d/c using Aldrete
  120. Milking those chest tube: I need your opinion
  121. PACU Volunteer
  122. Pulse Ox alternative sites
  123. Amiodarone IV: needs an inline filter??
  124. nursing student traumatized by the PACU
  125. PACU Staffing
  126. Should I report this CRNA?
  127. Cecil B Drain's PACU book...
  128. New Pacu Nurse
  129. What should I expect at peer interview for PACU?
  130. New to PACU -- and in panic!!!
  131. Hello everyone--new here
  132. Looking for a great PACU in Santa Clara/San Jose area
  133. rnsurfer
  134. question..please please help!
  135. Is this outpatient or inpatient surgery at yours
  136. Dealing with family members who are also employees.
  137. Flamed during report.
  138. Brand New and in the PACU!
  139. Post op mastectomy
  140. Frank bleeding?
  141. New Grads in the PACU
  142. Preoperative Warming: Is this routine?
  143. PCA's in PACU
  144. CCOF is driving me crazy/vent!
  145. Which way do I go PACU or MED/SURG?
  146. Non operative patients in PACU?
  147. Not following ASPAN guidelines
  148. Physical Reguirements/Standards ?
  149. Transfer to PACU?
  150. Job advice
  151. RRT -Want to be a PACU NURSE!
  152. From ICU to PACU
  153. Are betablockers the new way to go?
  154. Anyone using Vistaril?
  155. PACU Research Project Ideas
  156. DISCHARGE from PACU? Who does this?
  157. Question...
  158. Weclome to the New PACU Nursing Forum
  159. Can a Pregnant RN be in Recovery Room / PACU?
  160. I need a nursing Dx for C-section in PACU...
  161. Is ICU experience a requirment for PACU?
  162. Pacu
  163. PACU advice?
  164. Anyone in PACU at Cedar Sinai??
  165. Transport to PACU
  166. PACU RN's- what is your visitor policy?
  167. New Grad-RN just hired into PACU
  168. Would PACU be suitable for me?
  169. Senior Practicum in the PACU
  170. studying for PACU certification
  171. Moving to PACU
  172. PACU RN requirements
  173. From ER to PACU ?
  174. Looking for PACU reference book
  175. Crosstraining to pacu
  176. PACU scheduling
  177. Nurse Extern in PACU
  178. Staying Overnight In Pacu With Icu Pt
  179. OR patients bypass PACU for ICU
  180. PACU for experience and lower GPA
  181. You might be a PACU nurse if...
  182. Do I have a shot @ landing a job in day surgery PACU? (w/no PACU exp)
  183. PACU--a day in the life
  184. Looking for a good PACU book...
  185. Stress associated with PACU or NICU
  186. PICU or PACU at AR Childrens
  187. physician abuse in PACU
  188. Question for pacu nurses
  189. Any Texas PACU RNs here?
  190. PACU Nursing?
  191. Nwe Grad in PACU? Ever?
  192. OR/PACU during pregnancy
  193. Craniotomys in the PACU
  194. From OR to PACU?
  195. Making the switch from Med/Surge to PACU (maybe!)
  196. PACU certification
  197. Extended hours in pacu without relief
  198. arterial line insertion by OR/PACU nurses
  199. PACU nurse training programs
  200. PACU nurse looking to travel in the South
  201. Do or nurses do pacu after hours?
  202. PACU Inservice Ideas?
  203. Pacu Nursing
  204. Thinking about PACU
  205. What would you do (PACU)?
  206. PACU Nurses........I'd like your input!!
  207. PACU for critical care experience
  208. PACU nursing
  209. PACU nursing
  210. PACU orders for Pediatric Patients
  211. PACU nurses I need your input PLEASE
  212. PACU RN's
  213. Pediatric PACU nurses
  214. Family Visitation in the PACU
  215. Pacu Nursing
  216. How do u charge for pacu, OR times.
  217. Paediatric Recovery (PACU) vision!!!!
  218. Vision for Paediatric recovery (PACU)!!!!
  219. Why do you like PACU nursing?
  220. 2 in PACU at all times?
  221. Experienced LPN but new RN...should I start in PACU?
  222. PACU discharge criteria
  223. PACU overflow patients
  224. PACU visitors
  225. PACU visitation
  226. PACU Insanity
  227. Hello fellow PACU friends !
  228. ?PACU Nursing
  229. PACU Nursing
  230. PACU Nursing
  231. PACU Nurses - A Question
  232. Question for PACU Nurses
  233. ICU to PACU, education & training ineeded?
  234. policies re: visitation in PACU
  235. overdosing in the PACU
  236. PACU- educational requirements
  237. PACU nurses
  238. PACU Question
  239. PACU Preparation
  240. ICU use as a PACU
  241. Sell me on PACU, or don't
  242. I need info from all the PACU nurses.
  243. visitation in PACU
  244. Cross training from or to PACU
  245. I am a pacu nurse!!!!
  246. I am a pacu nurse!!!!
  247. on call in pacu
  248. typical day of a pacu nurse
  249. PACU to Floor Transport
  250. PACU Call Staffing