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Hello AN! As a relatively new nurse in NYC, I have been lucky to be consistently employed. I started out part time in an SNF (5 months), then was hired full time in LTC (6 months). NOC shift 5... Read More

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    I left LTC to work in a clinic and lasted three months. The hours were great, no holidays, good benefits, etc...but there was no support and I was pulled in many different directions. To be honest, I was less stressed working the floor in LTC than I was in the clinic.

    I am now head nurse in an Alzheimer's Assisted Living home and although there is rarely any action, the stress is minimal and benefits are great. I have been there for one month and in just two months, I will be eligible for a full week of vacation. We get 22 days off per year right out of the gate. I work 6:30am-3pm and will have to work holidays, but it's nothing new for me. The teamwork is phenomenal and we're never left short. I may have to start working every other weekend next month but that's okay. I will look forward to having days off during the week.
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    Don't be envious, like someone said before, its HIGHLY over rated. Most bed side nursing jobs are fit for dogs.

    I will be leaving bed side as soon as I can and never ever looking back.
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    I do feel that way sometimes, but I have to remind myself that I am looking at my past jobs with rose colored glasses. There are upsides and downsides to every nursing job. And as for those people who give me half an eye-roll and "the tone" when they hear I work in a clinic are usually the ones asking me 15 minutes later how I got my job and if there are any openings.
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    100% right! I love hearing from you guys!
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