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Hello AN! As a relatively new nurse in NYC, I have been lucky to be consistently employed. I started out part time in an SNF (5 months), then was hired full time in LTC (6 months). NOC shift 5 nights a week was hard to adjust... Read More

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    Let me tell ya, inpatient acute care is highly over rated. I paid my dues in the beginning working L&D and ER cause I needed to hone my skills, but as soon as I could, I jumped to normal office hours cause it meant more time with family and friends....I do Infusion therapy so I still use my skills, but I also enjoy having the time to get to know my patients and educate them....most of all, I like dealing with the "walkie-talkie" population. I love what I do, and I chuckle cause I make more doing what I do now than I ever did busting my butt in the ER.
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    Good for you!
    RNs in the clinic setting expose the general public to the nursing process in their routine health care.
    This should serve to improve their health behaviors and potentially their outcomes.

    Don't let people fool you into thinking that only ED, ICU, or other high acuity specialties are the only real nursing jobs...
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    I work in a large outpatient physician complex. I admit sometimes I am bored to tears. I joined out "code team" and respond to all emergencies. It adds variety to my day.
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    I left LTC to work in a clinic and lasted three months. The hours were great, no holidays, good benefits, etc...but there was no support and I was pulled in many different directions. To be honest, I was less stressed working the floor in LTC than I was in the clinic.

    I am now head nurse in an Alzheimer's Assisted Living home and although there is rarely any action, the stress is minimal and benefits are great. I have been there for one month and in just two months, I will be eligible for a full week of vacation. We get 22 days off per year right out of the gate. I work 6:30am-3pm and will have to work holidays, but it's nothing new for me. The teamwork is phenomenal and we're never left short. I may have to start working every other weekend next month but that's okay. I will look forward to having days off during the week.
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    Don't be envious, like someone said before, its HIGHLY over rated. Most bed side nursing jobs are fit for dogs.

    I will be leaving bed side as soon as I can and never ever looking back.
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    I do feel that way sometimes, but I have to remind myself that I am looking at my past jobs with rose colored glasses. There are upsides and downsides to every nursing job. And as for those people who give me half an eye-roll and "the tone" when they hear I work in a clinic are usually the ones asking me 15 minutes later how I got my job and if there are any openings.
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    100% right! I love hearing from you guys!
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