Pay wise for RN's in office?

  1. 0 I quit the hospital to move home and help my papaw out, plus it was getting too stressful and too dangerous (see my other threads about that rant lol), so tomorrow I'm going around and gonna hand out my resume to doctor's offices that may or may not be hiring.

    I know that I won't get paid nearly as much as I was in the hospital, especially since I had the night shift differential lol, but I was wondering what the avg doc office RN makes.

    I'd ask the nurses around here but I swear there aren't any. Their all MA's. My mom is friends with several doctors and tried to get me an interview, but all 3 doc's said they didn't hire RN's, only MA at their office.

    So any price range would be great!
    Thanks in advance
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    I make the same as the hospital nurses. Try to find an outpatient clinic/MD office that's associated with a large hospital system - have worked for two and I am on the same payscale as everyone else. What state are you in?
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    I'm in WV.

    That'd be nice if it was the same payscale, but I don't want to expect high only to get them crushed!
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    Quote from featherzRN
    I make the same as the hospital nurses. Try to find an outpatient clinic/MD office that's associated with a large hospital system - have worked for two and I am on the same payscale as everyone else. What state are you in?

    This is the same for me too. I'm an RN in an HMO clinic (we also have a hospital.) I think most of the private practices 'can't afford' RNs so they go for MAs, but the hospital based/HMO clinics have much bigger budgets.
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    Quote from featherzRN
    I make the same as the hospital nurses. Try to find an outpatient clinic/MD office that's associated with a large hospital system - have worked for two and I am on the same payscale as everyone else. What state are you in?
    I work in an urgent care setting after hours. I am an LPN now and will be graduating RN school in Dec. I'm not sure on how much of an increase in pay I should expect. This clinic is very large in this community and is continuing to grow. We also have our own hospital. What is your suggestion on this?
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    In my current position as office nurse, I make the same pay as I made 18 years ago working in the hospital. But, the tradeoff is not having to work weekends, and holidays. I am the only nurse in our clinic, and even though my hours are 8-5 (1 hr lunch), I am often still there til 7pm, and am so busy, I end up bringing my uneaten lunch home to the dog.
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    I work in an office that has several RN's who were tired of the treatment in hospitals. Many physicians feel that they cannot afford an RN but there are so many of us out there that will take the cut for the quality of life. Not just the "no weekends" but the fact that I don't have to get a comatose patient up to bedside BID because of some disallusioned Pulm is worth the $8 per hour cut. Try a medical center or just word of mouth. I hounded the clinic I am at for months. One day someone quit and here I am!
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    I graduated from RN school in 2005 and has only worked in an office setting with no acute care experience. I opted for office work since I have a daughter who is only 16 months and a husband who works shifts. I used to work in a HMO office and their pay scale is similar to the hospital. I only made $1 less than the hospital nurses - granted I don't get weekend or shift differentials.

    I work for a private cardiologist now and took a paycut. Overall, I think the HMO's pay the same as the hospitals but the private MD's dont' pay as well but they are still the $20's/hr range..
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    20/hr .. wow .. my base pay wasn't even that when i worked in the hospital for 2 years. I started out at 17 something and when I quit 2 years later I was up to 18.50. Of course, that was my day shift pay, and i worked night shift so I did get the differential, but still.

    I'm still looking for doctor's office jobs right now. I'm following a couple "leads" I got from a friend and hope they pan out. At this point, if they offered me $15/hr I'd take it.
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    Maybe every state is different, but I started with $23/hr fresh RN graduate when I worked at an HMO family practice office.... And the hospitals around my area were paying $22.30 for new grads.. So it is almost the same pay scale.. The HMO position was a UNION position so thats why it paid alot and their benefits were definitely more superior than what I get now..
    Union positions tend to pay more than private MD's.. But I also know of other private MD's who hire RN's in an office setting offering only $16/hr so when my current employer offered $20/hr, I took it....although it was an almost $4 hr paycut.

    I get a review here with my current work with my cardiologist here in a month and we will see how much raise they would give me.
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    I started out working part-time 2 mornings a week for an oral surgery practice 5 years ago at $18 an hour with no benefits.

    I now work there full-time for $26 an hour with a great benefit plan. The surgeons I work for bumped up my salary and benefits based on merit and increases in nursing salaries and benefits in our local area.

    I've found that compared to the hospital setting, the surgeons I work for are not real good about annual evaluations and such. The only way I was able to get what I wanted (more $$) was to have a frank discussion with them and the office manager about what I have helped them accomplish financially and what my financial goals were if I were to continue working with them. The worst they could say to my salary proposal was no. In the end, I got what I wanted.
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    HI! I am possibly going to move to the Virginia Beach area and I am looking for a cardiology office. I am also an RN. How does it look out there?
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    I work in a hospital based/managed/owned outpatient clinic. The nurses working IN the hospital are union and start at $6 more per hour ($24), but even though the clinic I am at is the same hospital it is not union (for what reason I don't know) and we don't have the option to join one. The payscale for RN's starts at $18.40 in the outpatient clinic. There are no merit based raises or anything besides the yearly 3-4% cost of living increase only if you meet "annual employee evaluation standards". We have evening hours and soon to be weekends as well. Most of us pull overtime, but I am one of few who seem to be able to leave on time daily.

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