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We usually do up to 3 months or even longer of refills. We see over thousands of patients per year in our practice. However, what is with the patients, who are told to call us 2 weeks before they are out of refills and medication... Read More

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    A lot of our patients get their meds through a manufacturer program, so they pay a very small fee for a lot of expensive meds (which they still whine about, sometimes saving literally THOUSANDS of dollars, but that tiny fee of less than 20 bucks is just ridiculous, what are we thinking!?) so they call us right before or after they run out (had 3 month supply or more) and want us to do new forms, new income verification, new prescription, they never want to come in (or pay for an appointment) and when we tell them it will take a couple weeks before they send the new medicines (manufacturer's programs sometimes take up to 2 months) they say, well what am I supposed to do until then? (I sometimes wanna yell, be responsible and plan ahead but hey) So we offer them a prescription at the pharmacy at full price but oh no, that's too expensive and I can't afford it. Can I have samples? Well we don't have samples of that med. Can we change the medicine for now then change it back? Well, no, sometimes there is no alternative or allergies or it's the cheapest already or they need to be on a specific med. Well, what do you expect me to do then? Well, you can either buy the med for full-price at the pharmacy or go without, and you should call way ahead of time next time and let us know. No one manages my life and rushes around because I didn't bother to act on something until it was an emergency. I am just tired of patients who think I have nothing better to do than jump for their trivial needs that they didn't worry about at all until today. And no, I can't afford to pay for your meds because "I have a good job." /vent

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