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Is anyone else sick of hearing that nurses who don't work in hospitals are not real nurses? If I hear one more person say "all you do is take blood pressures all day" I'm going to scream! I understand how hard it is to work in a... Read More

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    A good office nurse makes sure that the abnormal PaP results get immediate attention, that the routine medical management of chronic diseases is scheduled, and that the person visiting feels like they are at their "medical home". The good office nurse keeps track of mammograms and venograms and immunizations. They make phone calls to check up on fragile patients. They send people to the hospital, to the LTC, to the grocery store. They teach on every subject under the sun. They guide and mentor the other office staff in matters of HIPPA, health, and a wide varieties of "how to's". They know their patients, sometimes having years of history with them. Office nurses see their patients at their best and at their worst. They comfort the moms of teens and the teens of the moms. The office nurse can know that "little Barbie" is sexually active long before mom does and can help to keep little Barbie safe while keeping that secret in church and elsewhere. Office nurses can poke and prod you and find places to put medication that small children and grown men do not want to take. They can take your temperature, take your history or take out your PICC line. If you have a headache they will comfort you. If you have a hemorrhoid they will have you bent over with your pants down so fast your head will spin. Office nurse love gloves and lubricant and sharp things...

    Office nurses are real nurses in every way.
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    back in the 1970's) we, I , had the view that a nurse was in a white uniform- dress and cap. I went to a 4 year college program and on my first rotation- Public health, became scared to death, they also mentioned the term NURSE PRACTIONER, I flunked the semester, came back home to mom and dad and went to a hospital diploma program- something I could relate to, we were trained, educated, groomed what ever,to be 'a hospital nurse'. That is what I have been for 30 years, now I wish I was able to find a clinic nursing position- it sounds alot more enjoyable, from the above posts, than my going back to another hosptial enviornment when all this mess in nursing is starting to clear. I envy all above who have clinic positions- want to change places? They sound like great places to work- a vast variety of patients with a good skill mix. And I think the pace can keep anyone hopping, so bordom would not be an issue. I have applied to a few but have no responses. Would a clinic throw older RN's out to the curb the way the hospitals and LTC have.?
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    This is from a lack of knowledge I am sure. You should write an article on here about all that you do as an office nurse; help people to understand what it is you do.

    When people ask my why I did not become an Obstetrician instead of a OB nurse I tell them "When I was a kid I said 'I want to be the doctor the delivers the babies', but that was before I knew it was the nurses that really did all the fun stuff"
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    I loved being a clinic nurse and hope to go back soon. As previous posters stated, we do A LOT, I worked in full service Rural Family Practice Clinics and that included OB and Peds.

    The pay wasn't great, but my day was never never boring and it always went by fast! Oh and pretty good hours too. I enjoyed the variety, patient teaching and I learned something new each day. When you work with a good set of Docs it's a dream and you do feel a part of a team to create better health for your community.

    There are some down sides to rural nursing, patients will come up to you at the grocery store, the gas station, the movie theater, when your eating dinner out asking about this and that:icon_roll. I had to change my unlisted phone about once a year to keep the call volume down. But in the end when I get my refresher and return to nursing that's where I hope to head.
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    DogWmn, it's so funny that you mention seeing the patients outside the clinic. While I don't get calls at home, I do see my patients eveywhere! One night I had a woman take off her shoes and socks and show me a rash on her feet while I was waiting in line at my sons parent-teacher conference. And I usually can't go to Walmart without getting a few questions!
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    I worked for Kaiser as an LPN and the big draw for RNs to the Ambulatory setting was the pay and schedule, work days no weekends no holidays.... Paywise they made the same as hospital nurses except with no differential and this is rare. Usually nurses make less in the outpatient setting.... The negative was the type of work, most of the RNs were used for telephone work and no direct patient care. The big problem is nurses can lose their skills and knowledge if they do not have direct patient care in these settings. I believe this is the reason a negative opinion can be formed about ambulatory nursing.
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    I worked as a "clinic"nurse for years and always felt "less than" a "real" nurse. We moved out of state and I applied at a hospital. I have been there 3 years now. Oh, yeah..I have learned skills I hadnt done before. Truthfully? I learned and did more as an office nurse than I am doing as a hospital nurse. In the clinic I worked side-by-side with physicians. I gained so much knowledge from them. I aquired their trust and respect and they taught me things. In the hospital environment, only a select few are trusted and respected by physicians. I dont get to spend quality time with patients....its almost factory like... "production" .... continuing education is offered, but the only people who can attend are those who are on light duty and are not able to work anyway. No, I used to be on of "those" who thought a clinic nurse was not a "real" nurse. HAHA....No way.....Clinic nurses work hard..we get to use our brain..( administrators and arrogant physicians..NURSES DO HAVE BRAINS!)... interact and really help our patients I am going back to the clinic. Just as soon as I find the right fit.
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