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I've recently graduate with a BSN and passed boards a few months ago. I've applied to urgent care and got a call today to set up an interview next week. The job description and benefit seems to be pretty good. The problem I'm... Read More

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    I also live and work in the Midwest and work in a walk in clinic from time to time. I float. Between family practice and specialty also I started at 22.10 as an rn with an ADN and no float premium. Find out what is normal pay in your area. It also might be a difference if you work for a private facility vs a major health care organization. It seems very low to me.

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    Can you give us an update? It's been a year and I am a new grad wondering. I got a position on a med-surge unit and so far, it isn't really all its cracked up to be - the ratios run 6/7 patients to one nurse. completely overwhelming when you are trying to go from newbie to full fledged staffer in just 12 weeks. considering some other positions, such as urgent care and would love to know how this worked out for you or others!
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    12 weeks is standard orientation at the hospital I work at. It is overwhelming but I think that is just part of the experience of being a new nurse. I have been a nurse for 3 years and still feel overwhelmed or unprepared at times. I would definitely keep looking though if med-surg isn't a good fit.
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    I hear you. I live in the Chicagoland area and started working 3 months ago at an allergy/asthma office. I had to beg for $14. He wanted to pay me 12. And he only gives me 10 hours a week. I had to take it for the experience on my resume. There is next to nothing out there where I live. Too many of us for not enough positions. My nurse managdr is rude and incredibly condescending. It IS a slap in the face. And I hate the fact that I need them.
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    it depends where you live, salary's adjusted to standard of living etc. still exp is better than none and after you get 1 year's exp recruiters will be falling all over to get you to go work for them. Funny how it is that you must have experience to get exp. Take the job, do an awesome job and get out. Tis part of the paying your dues part.
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