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Hi all, I've been training for a couple of weeks at a small med-spa in southern California as a laser RN. I'm also being trained to do chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and perform skin consultations. My training period is... Read More

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    I will try to address the first question the OP asked:

    "1. What do you think are the chances of a laser RN landing an acute-care hospital job after 1 or more years of experience in aesthetics?"

    I wanna be honest with you here. Due to current economic conditions, we are seeing its increasingly difficult to move from non-traditional to traditional (and vice versa). This is because experience is playing premium role rather than schooling.

    Let me say this. I think you got lucky and you should run with it. I can't tell you how many med/surg or ICU nurses I have meet who would love to move into aesthetics but don't even know where to start or have tried and not single person responded back. Learn the heck out of your job and build your clientele. In few years you might have people working for you

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    I worked in a private hyperbaric clinic in Beverly Hills for about a year. Mostly post cosmetic surgery stuff but also ALOT of botched "medispa" procedures done by non-qualified/under-qualified RN's. My ex-wife is a licensed Esthetician/LVN so I have seen first hand a truly qualified medispa nurse at work. My advice to you would be to devote yourself to becoming a LICENSED Esthetician on top of your RN so that you have a more thorough understanding of what you are doing to your clients. I am not trying to sound condescending. I just wouldn't let you anywhere near me or anyone that I know personally.
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    Hi, I actually have an interview with a laser hair removal center and I honestly have no idea how to prepare for this interview! What kind of questions should I anticipate? Any advice? Thank you!
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    I worked at a med-spa for 2 years mainly doing laser hair removal. Although you're not using your med-surg skills learned in school, there's still nursing assessment and lots teaching going on. Do you know how many times I've had to tell a patient to stop using a certain medication if they want to keep doing laser because of photosensitivity or bruising it can cause? The job can be stressful mainly because of the variety of patients. Beauty is a big deal for some women so the littlest hair or vein or wrinkle can make or ruin their day. I LOVED that job and would've stayed there for a very long time if I didn't have to move to another town. Still ended up getting a clinic job without a problem (I reminded them over and over again my experience and they didn't see much of a difference). I think whatever new job you end up at after med-spa, it really matters how much orientation/training is provided to help transition you to a new setting.
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    To anyone who has interviewed at a laser medspa! What sorts of questions do they ask in the interview? I don't know how I prepare for a position like this so any help would be appreciated since I have an interview tomorrow morning.
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    I would take this job and run with it! lol I would absolutely love to work in the aesthetics field. I have worked acute care and community health. You could always take this job and if you wanted to you could continue looking for a position in acute care, home health, community health (whatever you are interested in) that you could do once a week or even once a month (PRN). This would help with your assessment and clinical skills if you thought that you might want to try to go into a different setting later.
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    Ensure you have your liability insurance.. And right now income is income. Keep trying to get into acute care of you wish, but who knows, maybe you'll fall in love with this?
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    May I ask where you got this job? I am a recent new grad and am interested in working in the medspa industry in southern california!
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    I guess the labor laws are different in cali. How can they not pay you for training? In PA if you do so much as a computer module at home required by the employer, the employer is required to reimburse for your time.

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