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How are each of you dealing with patients who are abusing prescription medications? There has been so much emphasis put on the patients right to pain control (over the past ten years or so). I... Read More

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    Originally posted by glascow
    ...The other morning I was giving report on a pt that had been in an accident 3 yrs prior resulting in chronic pain. He was on Oxycontin qday and Xanax bid (home meds). He was also getting Demerol 100mg IV q 4 hrs for his post-op pain.

    When I told the oncoming nurse this, his response was "loser,
    nothing but a druggie."...
    I am still staying out of the debate

    I have had 5 back surgeries, I am scheduled to have the first of 2 poss 3 more back surgeries in March. It will take 1, maybe 2 to decompress my spinal cord and clean out the debris from 2 failed fusions, the last will be either another allograft fusion with pins & plates or Herrington rods, it all depends on how much or how little stability I have after the decomps. Part of the delay is waiting on the referrals and stuff to be in place for the pain management clinic affiliated with my neurosurgeons hospital to be able to take over medication management.

    The prospect of spending the next year having major surgeries does not scare me, encountering attitudes like glascow's co-worker does. I am extremely narcotic tolerant. On an equianalgesic chart Demerol 100mg IV converts to about 10% of my of my daily oral med load. This "loser" got hurt on the job 10 years ago. Due (in part) to the miracles of modern pharmacology and changng my career focus (several times) I was able to keep returning to work and was working full time until this past mid-August.

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    While that is alot of Demerol, I have used more.

    The other day we sent a pt. a two week supply of IV Dilaudid from home infusion.

    How much were they toating around in the car? Around 35,000 Mg.

    Home health got their only two male nurses to drive it out there.

    Best wishes with your surgery!

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    In the office I work in, we also have patients sign an agreement stating that they will only get rx's from our office and that they will use the same px.....If they are not compliant with this we "fire" them as a patient.....Of course by law we have to treat them for 30 days after the are notified of being fired.....supposedly to give them time to find another Dr......I too had resentment and anger for these patients UNTIL I myself became one of them, due to a chronic pain issue......although I can empathize with them, like somebody already said here, you can't let ourself me manipulated by them...(easier said than done!).....but you can give them info and help them to get the treatment they really need.......There is such a grey area around this topic and it can be extremely difficult to find out who's faking and who's not!

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