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    Hi, I just moved here from LTC/Geriatric specialty and this forum is soooooo much nicer!! (If you ever worked in LTC, you know exactly what I mean!)

    This is a completely COMPLETELY new kind of nursing for me, and this might sound a little "duh" but I'm having trouble remembering implications for different kinds of office visits. Anyone have a little cheat sheet idea I might borrow? For instance, things to remember for each well-child visit, for each yearly physical, for certain symptoms they might verbalize (sore throat=swab 'em, dysuria=clean catch, got that much). ... I am a hard worker and when I am well trained/experienced I know I can be a great part of the team, but for now I keep forgetting stuff and I feel so dumb! Any help/advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

    P.S. While in training I am working with many different providers, and have given them all their own pages in my little notebook as to their preferences. That helps, but I really need a cheat sheet on typical office visits/implications, too.

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    I hope to be starting in the same situation and wonder if anyone has a brain sheet for clinic visits too.
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    Problem is, it kinda depends on the clinic. I have worked many different clinics, and all have different requirements - we usually post a cheat sheet for that clinic around the clinic area. For example, one clinic I work per diem for has for a diabetic patient before going in with doc - urine dip, waist measurement, fingerstick, full medication reconciliation and a diabetic flow sheet... My other clinic does NONE of those things unless requested after the doctor sees the patient.

    Neither of my clinics will have the nurse do a throat swab unless the doc requests one.

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