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  1. Hey guys ...I am currently working at an asthma and allergy clinic and am a new grad, I know the basic as far a asthma but I was wondering if anybody knew of any good continuing ed class that might be helpful or website/ resources to get familiar with?

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   Ella26
    I work and in allergy/asthma also. I use for any information. I think it's a good site.
  4. by   T-Bird78
    I work for a large allergy/asthma clinic and there is a designated "asthma guru" nurse who's been with the practice since the dawn of time. She travels to the different locations and gives an asthma class and test for new hires within their 90-day period. Ask if your place has someone like that. You'll pick up a lot just through the day-to-day routine. Albuterol (ProAir, Ventolin, Proventil) is the rescue inhaler, 1-2 puffs q 4-6 hours PRN, along with xopenex (levoalbuterol). The others are typically maintenance inhalers to be used daily. Make sure you practice with the demo inhalers so you can properly show your pts how to use it. The #1 problem I see is new pts using the wrong inhaler and/or improper inhaler usage.
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    You can look up the references used for the Asthma Educator Certification.


    Take the Asthma Educator review course if you can and/or attend their national conference.

    You should become familiar with the ATS guidelines and other info available on the American Thoracic Society site.

    Asthma Center

    The AARC (Respiratory Therapists' professional association) has lots of educational material. Most of which you can download the study material for free.

    AARC Continuing Respiratory Care Education

    This one from the AARC website is a MUST HAVE. It explains all the different types of delivery devices, how to prime MDIs (something very few nurses learn) and gives a color print out of all (recent at printing time) the MDIs and their categories. Click download for a copy and it is free.

    A Guide to Aerosol Delivery Devices for Respiratory*Therapists - 3rd Edition |
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    Thanks everybody for your input...I really appreciate your time I am eager to learn as much as I can to help when I'm doing sick calls and helping people who are using inhalers for the first time. I also speak Spanish so I want to be more familiar so I can educate our Spanish speaking better.
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    Since you are from California, I suggest finding a list of meds commonly seen in Mexico. This is not just for the Spanish speaking people from Mexico and other countries but also for Americans who cross the border to find cheaper alternatives. Asthma meds are outrageously expensive in the US.

    Flovent comes as 44, 110 and 220 mcg/puff doses as one of the US meds but Flixotide in Mexico comes as a 50 and a 250 mcg/puff inhaler, neither one the same strength as Flovent in the US.

    For "Albuterol"
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