Any leads on how to get a job in Ambulatory care?

  1. I have 11 years of home care experience and prior to becoming a nurse I worked as a Medical Assistant for 10 years. I even taught medical assisting for 7 years. I haven't had any luck finding an outpatient job. I'm not sure I'm looking in the right places. HELP!
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  3. by   nursefrances
    I have been working in an ambulatory surgery center for about a month now, previously worked bedside nursing. I didn't just look at job employment adds, I walked into offices and said I was a nurse and asked if they hired nurses. I had a copy of my resume and also was dressed for an interview. You might get alot of "no" answers but you might get a yes. The second place I went to, I was inteviewed on the spot. The third place I went to, I had two interviews then was hired. Not all places put job adds in papers or online. Some smaller offices will use word of mouth. I worked in an office years ago and when they needed staff, they would ask us if we new anyone who would fit the position. I believe if you go in with a smile and a confident, professional attitude you might get some interest. Good luck.
  4. by   HippyDippyLPN
    I applied to a website that had several locations and practices. My resume went in the large system and when the practice needs a nurse they log on and search. I liked this because I was in a sense applying to all these locations without the leg work. It took a couple tries of sending my resume in but I got hired last mont and love it! Also try hospital websites, they have their practice joblistings on their job search.
  5. by   duckies
    I just got hired at a dermatology clinic. I heard about my job at an rn/lpn refresher course from an employee. So i just showed up, dropped my resume because the hiring person wasn't there. Got called in later to come in that afternoon. Short interview and hired on the spot. My previous work experience was 2 yrs of pediatric home care. They said they put an ad in craigslist, which i had seen weeks ago, but since it only had a couple of sentences i dismissed it as a scam. So, just network, look in craigslist and like the other poster said, show up with resume in hand and just ask if a position is available. The worst thing they can say is no and you'll never see them again.
  6. by   PacuTwo
    I went from many years in home health to a hospital outpatient ambulatory surgery center. I was nervous at first having been out of the hospital for so many years, but spin everything you have to do independently as a home health nurse in your favor. You have must very good assessment skills, and critical thinking skills as home health patients are much sicker than they were 11 years ago. You have to sell yourself.
    Good Luck
  7. by   ILveNursing
    Hi PacuTwo,

    I have an interview tomorrow for RN position at outpatient ambulatory surgery center. Any advice on interview questions? thanks.
  8. by   LTCNS
    Quote from VictorC
    Hi PacuTwo,

    I have an interview tomorrow for RN position at outpatient ambulatory surgery center. Any advice on interview questions? thanks.
    How did your interview go? Did you get the job?
  9. by   ILveNursing
    Yeah..I got the job but they didn't start me right away. I am starting in 2 weeks. Kind of strange that they interviewed and hired me in November but they want me to start in 2 months later. Hope it worth the wait
  10. by   LTCNS
    I have learned that ambulatory care nursing isn't all it's cracked up to be. Believe it or not, I miss LTC.