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we are running article contests simultaneously on and on article contest you may write about anything nursing related - it could be technical, funny, or personal. ... Read More

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    I'm new to this site and wonder what the guidelines are for this article contest.

    Winona, BSN, RN

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    If you look on the first page, you'll see the guidelines.
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    Hi Brian,
    I didn't see a "contact us" link, so I'll ask here. I submitted an article in the non-nursing catergory. It is on the website. A relative who read it really wants me to try to publish it. I didn't see anything in the guidelines about giving up all rights to an article when it is entered in the contest-or wins. Could you please clarify that? I am out of work and would like to make a little extra money off it if I can. Thank you.
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    Can someone explain the criteria for a winning article? Is it based on reader votes? Who chooses the winners?
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    I know the contest has ended, I just would like to submit an article for motivation, how do I do it? Unable to find any tabs to click on to find submit article at all. Tk u
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    To submit and article visit: allnurses: A Nursing Community for Nurses

    As to the criteria for winning articles, several factors are measured. How many "Kudos" our members gave the author, the ratings that members give the article, how many times has it been read, how many replies, and staff input. There is really not a cut and dry criteria.

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