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New Forum: AHRQ - The Effective Healthcare Forum

  1. 11 is proud to be working with AHRQ by hosting the AHRQ Effective Health Care Program Forum

    Demands on nurses' time are increasing and patients are increasingly getting more involved in their health care. Ever wonder where to find clear, evidence-based information about different treatment options for your patients? The Effective Health Care (EHC) Program at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) wants to begin a conversation with you on this topic, which is why we created the Effective Health Care Program forum on

    The Effective Health Care Program forum is here for nurses to explore and discuss comparative effectiveness research, a type of patient-centered outcomes research that provides evidence-based information to help nurses and patients work together to make informed decisions about treatment options. AHRQ's goal is to further engage the nursing community at-large, foster dialogue, and provide updates on evidence-based resources designed to support continuing education and patient care.

    Please take a minute to review the new forum.

    Visit: AHRQ Effective Health Care Program Forum
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    What a wonderful resource right here on AN! Bravo!
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    Needless to say, an awesome addition to our site... Aloha~
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    Great to have actual evidenced based practice material on several health topics. With technology being what it is, a majority of patients now enter health care facilities with either lap tops, computer tablets, or smart phones with internet capabilities. They seem to get most of their health care information from the internet, whether correct or incorrect. This makes my job difficult when trying to provide patient education because most of the patient's internet information regarding health care is incorrect. I often have patients state "that's not what I read .. on this/that website". Many patients often question certain procedures/treatments for the wrong reasons based on what they have read on the internet, instead of asking questions based on informed consent.
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    Thank you for this great information.

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