January 2018 Caption Contest - Win $100! - page 10

You Can Win $100! Prove me wrong. But, I think this one is difficult. My challenge to you is to produce a winning caption to the attached cartoon. You may propose as many captions as you wish. ... Read More

  1. by   HighSchoolNurse18
    It's her support dog.
  2. by   NurseSpeedy
    ObamaCare's newest consumer...
  3. by   _littlemissBSN
    "9cm dilated, 90% effaced. I think she's ready to deliver."
  4. by   ggopaso
    He was in a hurry to know his little sibling!
  5. by   Apple-Core
    Really? I said it was getting rough in there.......not woof.....!
  6. by   wondern
    No waaayyy! I said I was MAN'S best friend!
  7. by   wondern
    Who let the dog out???
  8. by   Victoria198
    When I said "ROM," I meant Rupture Of Membranes... not Register Of Merit.
  9. by   Victoria198
    "Nurse? Is this what you meant by lanugo??"