April 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner! - page 9

Win $100! Participate in our Nursing Caption Contest. Good afternoon nurses. Your mission is to provide a caption to the cartoon. You may submit as many captions as you wish. After a few weeks, we... Read More

  1. by   hopeloveRN
    Ceiling foot!
  2. by   ninigo
    Mr. Jones, "Making headway" is just a figure of speech.
  3. by   roboblazer
    Last Assessment for discharge brought you some excitement!
  4. by   GENJEN
    Alright, the up button works!
  5. by   SMBilyeu923
    *long sigh* always something crazy at shift change.
  6. by   wimpy88
    "Now sweetie, this might be cold..."
  7. by   GodMinistryNurse
    Caring Nurse: Let me listen to you
    Patient: I said I'm leaving AMA one way or the other
    Caring Nurse: Guess he chose other
  8. by   GodMinistryNurse
    Nurse I think we have a situation.....
  9. by   GodMinistryNurse
    In Eddie Murphy voice: Its a full moon tonight, literally
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  10. by   nursedee2003
    I guess heaven couldn't wait!!
  11. by   stockholm
    Can somebody call maintenance? We're going to need them to raise the roof
  12. by   TFrazier
    Where did you say you were gonna put that thing???!!!
  13. by   Kanel11
    "I should have called the child life specialist"