9th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 3

New Caption Contest - All you have to do is create a winning caption. You may submit as many captions as you wish. You have 1 week to achieve your objective. Follow the easy rules below. Winner will WIN $100! ... Read More

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    "Ummm...cross training? What do you think?"

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  2. 3
    "It was either this or disconnect all the call bells."
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    Geez...I hope she Caviwiped the bag first.
  4. 1
    I heard rumors that Jane was getting a little punchy lately, but I had no idea this is what they meant.
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  5. 1
    This is how we train for LTC...
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    The NCLEX will be no match for her!
  7. 3
    Hey....it helps nurses to stop eating their young!
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    The bag appears to be winning.
  9. 1
    She's been watching those motivational DVD's again. The lastest was by Sylvestor Stallone entitled "Don't be anyone's punching bag."
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    Phil, I have a BSN, MSN AND a DNP and after all these years in managment, I still can't understand why they walk into work like this everytime I call them early in the morning to come in on their day off.

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