10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 15

Participate in our new Caption Contest! Good afternoon nurses - Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves coming up with the winning caption to the cartoon below. You may submit as many captions as you wish.... Read More

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    I told you a clear liquid diet was better to start with. Next time you will listen when "inability to keep down food" is listed as a symptom. And you said you graduated top of your class?

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    And how can I help you today?
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    "Want me to call Housekeeping for you?"
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    Hmmm, you look like there's a bit of a problem going on!
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    "Any new symptoms?"
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    "At least your mouth was closed... right?"
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    Kim I think your admit is here!
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    Uhhh, whose patient is this?
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    Just a minute, I will go and get your nurse!
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    This may be a bit of a hunch but I get the feeling that you don't feel very well.

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