Fl LPN (in RN school) disgruntled over no job oppurtunities in Fairbanks/eielson area

  1. Ok guys, iam due to arrive in Eielson AFB on 17 Feb...Iam former navy, my wife is active duty AF---i have paid for and received my Temp LPN license from Alaska.....I should finish Excelsior College's LPN to RN transition within 14 months....My question is since the LPN job market is virtually nil in this area, can i work as a CNA in Alaska off of an LPN license? In Florida LPN's used to fill CNA spots all the time when CNA's were shortstaffed, as they fall within the learned practice.....I have no problem working as a CNA in Alaska, as i did it for 2 years prior to becoming an LPN in Florida----I currently hold an Active Florida LPN license, an expired CNA license in Florida( no reason to renew when i received my LPN) and an active temporary LPN license for Alaska...any and all info received on jobs, making friends, and whether or not i can work as a CNA will be helpful.....we are driving the enrtire way from Fort Walton Beach Florida, through BC, and due to arrive 17 FEB...i need to work 25-35 hours per work, bottom line...thanks !!!
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  3. by   MentalRn
    You need to check with the Department of Corrections up there they frequently hire LPNs thoughout the state of Alaska including the fairbanks area and they pay quite well. Go online and search on the Alaska job bank and you will see several listings. You will not see as many long term care centers in Alaska like you do in the lower 48. There is also a new detox center in Fairbanks that may be hiring as well. Take care and good luck. Alaska is a fun place to live and work.
  4. by   pcolaqtfighter77
    thank you very much...iam finally here..after 9 days of driving 8 hours a day...lol...i applied for, and hopefully am expecting an interview this week from a prospective employer......still scheduled for excelsior tests at pearson UAF campus ft wainwright....i didnt see any listings for department of corrections lpn openings,,,but that would be up my alley as well, since i did a year and a half jail nursing, as well as being a former police officer....if you happen to see or hear of any DOC lpn job openings in Fairbanks, if u can remember, please let me know....i subscribed and belong to the Alaska job service now (alexys i think it is) anyhow keep in touch, i dont know a soul up here..we move in housing on eielson afb this friday......steve
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    Hi again Steve, left you a message before. Welcome to Alaska!!! Just checking with you to see how the job search is going!
  6. by   pcolaqtfighter77
    not so good at this point Tam, went to work for a facility in Fairbanks and was quite displeased with the treatment of me based on certain things, simply amazing, private message me for details,,,,,thanks
  7. by   meg816
    Hey, I don't know you have found anything yet, but if not, here is my input. I just graduated from the UAA RN nursing program in Fairbanks and had 2 LPN's in our class. Unfortunately, there are not many opportunities in the Fairbanks area for LPN's and our acute care hospital, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, stopped hiring them years ago. However, Denali Center, a long term care facility is connected to FMH and does employ LPN's. You may find some openings on the Banner Health website
    Banner also employs LPN's at Tanana Valley clinic Urgent Care. One of my fellow student worked there and loved it. State jobs pay the most and one is the Pioneers Home, long term care, and they employ LPN's. It sounds like you have already been on the state website, but I encourage you to check it often as the openings change frequently. I'm not sure if the jail employs LPN's. I recently got on the website and found only RN positions, but state jobs pay dollars more than other facilities, but as a new grad, acute care experience is invaluable and I seeked out the hospital for a job. The other LPN in my class worked at a private clinic and loved it as well. Check out Craigslist and The Fairbanks Daily Newsminer want ads and you make have some luck there as well. Goodluck on your job search and welcome to the cold cold north and Land of the Midnight Sun. We are definitely a unique state with a unique way of life
  8. by   757tam4life
    Hi Steve, Im sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately I dont have the ability to pm on this site, however you can email me at biglegz81@yahoo.com. I have an experience to share as well. All I can say is that Alaska bites!!!!
  9. by   ernk04
    I'm so glad I came across your post. I'm moving to Fairbanks in November and I'm hoping to find LPN work as well. We are driving from Texas (husband in US army). Please let me know if you were able to find work, How are was it, and if you have any pointers for me. I'm a new graduate without any experience. I'm applying for my Alaska license in July and should have it by October or so. Also, How did you like Excelsior and was it hard to find an RN job after recieving your license this way?