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AVTECH LPN program?

  1. 0 Does anyone know anything about the AVTECH LPN program? From my research they accept ten students for each class and eight out of those ten are accepted to UAA's LPN to RN (AAS) bridge program. Is this LPN program competitive for the ten spots?
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    Hi!! Sorry I know this is an old post, but I m hopping o start in January. Did you get in?
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    Hello kaligirl02,Did you start the program??
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    Hi! Yes I did. I started in January. Are you looking into the program?
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    Yes I was looking into, hows it going so far?
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    It's going great! The instructors are all very nice, well informed and seem like they want all of us to succeed. We are on our 12th week so far, and it's really been a blast. We have 67 more class days until clinicals. The pharmacology is a bit challenging but with additional resources, especially Allnurses, I've been able to muddle through. If you are planning on doing this program just know that it's not " A piece of cake" I study mon-fri about 6 hours every night. Maybe 6-8 hours combined on the weekend. It's very challenging, but very rewarding when you get the "Ah Hah" moment. AVTECH is a really good program, I wish you luck in whatever you do!