Alaska Native Health Consortium - Phone Interview Question

  1. Hello to all my fellow health care professionals! I am a new graduate nurse and new member of all nurses. After scouring the forum, I have discovered that there is varied opinions regarding this health system. Nevertheless, I am very excited to be able to interview with them!

    If anyone happens to have information regarding their interview process, I would gladly appreciate it. I am so nervous as I was told my phone interview would be a clinical scenario question with a panel!

    Anything is gladly appreciated!
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  3. by   akmt
    When I did mine it was for a fellowship type deal, but essentially there was 3 people and they were on speaker phone and kind of went around in a a round table sort of manner and asked some ethical "give an example of when you dealt with confrontation, ect."
    They were really nice, the only bummer thing is they didn't get back with me until after Ihad already accepted a job at another clinic but you'll be just fine! Good luck!

    What floor are you applying for?
  4. by   nursehiphiphoorai
    Thanks so much for replying! What I was told was basically very similar. Behavioral questions I guess it is! From my research, what I found was that behavioral is the style that is most used, most liked, and I guess, easier to score.

    I'm applying to Med-Surg but was actually going to apply to the Pediatrics floor, and then got the call for the phone interview. I would love either floor and just overall appreciate the opportunity to interview in the end.

    Aksayre, are you from Alaska? Did you have a personal reason to apply to Native Health specifically? Oh, and thank you again for applying. I'm from California so I don't have personal knowledge of the facility, but from my research, I feel like I can appreciate the culture and identify with its values. Do you have any idea of the work culture/ethics of Native Health?
  5. by   akmt
    Yes I was born and raised in Alaska and am part AK Native... thats mainly why I applied there that and it is the only magnet status hospital in the state.
    I currently work in tribal health (my clinic refers most urgent cases to ANMC) ... The patient population is super varied depending on the region.

    With tribal health in Alaska you get a totally mixed bag. The older population (we refer to them as the elders) tend to be very grateful and appreciative of the healthcare and are a total pleasure to work with while the younger population tends to have a big problem with entitlement and drug seeking.. seriously like there is soo much alcoholism related problems its sad.

    But from my buddies who did there rotations there (and from being a former patient back when the hospital was in downtown Anchorage) ANMC nurses really like their jobs and have a good support system with lots of resources!