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yay!!! i finally got a job!

  1. 0 Well guys, after a bilion applications and interviews, i was offered and accepted a night shift position in a MICU in my area here in alabama. I am so super excited. that was the position i wanted, although i would have preferred days...i could not turn down the offer on the take..so i am officially employeed in the MICU starting march 9.

    Any advice??
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    Where did you go to NS?

    Do you live in a rural area or city (wondering why it took so long to get a job with the "nursing shortage"!!)

    Is the hospital offering orientation/training?

    Best wishes.
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    I am in shelby county..went to school at Central Alabama in Childersburg. I graduated in December and took boards the beginning of February. I will be working at Brookwood in Birmingham, in an 8 bed MICU. I think it took longer for me personally because i was stubborn. I really wanted ICU, really at this hospital, and although i applied else where and interviewed elsewhere i was not very enthusiastic about it. I got the call to go into this interview, and reaaly gave it my all because it is what i really want. I will do 6 weeks orientation on days, then 6 weeks (at least) on nights.
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    Good luck!

    If you don't mind me asking, what is the starting pay with all incentives?
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    congratulations, I graduate in May 2009 and I am having the hardest time finding a job...congratulations!!!
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    Wow! You go girl, I've heard nothing but great things about Brookwood Hospital, even down to the doctors! I hope it's all the same in your case. May you have a wonderful and most blessed nursing career.
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    Congrats!!!! You will love MICU!
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    I've worked at BW for 3 years as a tech, great hospital. Just wait till you meet Dr. Gomez he may make you feel a little bit stupid sometimes.