Virginia College New RN program - anyone know anything about it?

  1. I'm wondering if anyone has checked into the new RN program at Virginia College? Any information or opinions? Thanks!
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  3. by   magnolia3957
    WAY WAY WAY over priced. And the lady tried to convince me that I should just borrow the money, that student loan debt is HEALTHY debt to be in!

    I honestly think UAB is cheaper.

    Accreditation is also kind of funny--they are not actually a "real" college. Therefore you cannot transfer any classes you have already had nor any classes you take there can transfer out.
  4. by   justshe
    As magnolia stated, just the fact that their credits are nontransferable is enough to make you wonder.
  5. by   RN 2 B
    The classes are all offered at night. You have to take 2 placement tests. One to get in the college and another, if you pass, to apply into the nursing program. They will give you a study guide to take the 2nd test. The first nursing class will not begin until June. They are up for accrediation, but it's on a probation period. It's b/c it's a new program. It's very, very, very expensive. The first graduating class will be in 2011 and over $30,000 in debt.
  6. by   matchsticktgt
    If you have a degree already (bachelor or associate) then you only have to take the nursing entrance exam...correct about the program being at night, which can certainly be a plus for those of us who still have to work. Correct again about being a new nursing program on probation. They are an acredited college, but the only way you can transfer credits is if you attend another school accredited by the same accreditation council. I realized they are a new program, but didn't realize they were so 'brand spankin new' that they hadn't graduated any students yet. I was hoping that someone who was actually attending now in the nursing program could offer their opinion of the program.
  7. by   matchsticktgt
    I take it you opted not to enroll? Do you mind me asking where you do plan to attend instead? Thanks!
  8. by   magnolia3957
    heres my 2 cents if you HAVE to go at night. To get in Jeff States night program you basically have to make A's (have 190 points--the cut off was like 185 i think last year). rather than spend 30k at virg college. take your a&p and bio 103 at that private christian college, Faulkner I think is the name. They do night classes in birmingham. They ar pricey..about $1000.per class, but I have heard the teachers are GREAT and you get a lot of attention and can make an A. Then transfer the A's to JS and get in there night program.
  9. by   matchsticktgt
    omg - I just re-read our post and noticed that you quoted 30,000 in that an actual cost of the program??? no wonder they don't post their tuition rates on their website. seriously - 30K?
  10. by   matchsticktgt
    30K in student loans might be healthy to them, but I'm too old to be incurring that kind of debt...I need to be able to pay it off before I die! (I'm 44)
  11. by   2Nurture1
    Hello everyone, here's my .2cents, I am a former graduate of Virginia College and not to rain on anyone's parade, but it would behoove you to do your research as I failed to do prior to attending there. As one poster stated earlier, the credits do not transfer if you ever wish to go for your Bachelor's degree.

    In addition, my experiece there was horrible, the staff, the financial aid office, oh I can go on. Then again, that's not to say, someone else's experience will be the same as mine, but I thought I'd still inform someone beforehand. As far as accreditation, as long as their not accredited, there's no way you will be able to practice nursing until then. In my opinion, it's not worth it, only a waste of time. The same classes I took at Virginia College, I am now having to take over because they weren't accredited or even accepted for that matter, and everytime I think about it - it irks me :angryfire!
  12. by   matchsticktgt
    thanks for confirming that for me....I feel better!
  13. by   LilQueen CMA
    I am soo glad I'm on this forum. They were about to trick me to believing they were accredited.
  14. by   matchsticktgt
    They are accredited......but when the first class graduates if they don't have an acceptable pass rate of the NCLEX they can then be denied accreditation.....hence the reason I opted for another route. Not to mention the $$.....

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