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Hi! Wanted to start a thread for UAB Fall 2012 applicants. Transfers, current UAB student and 2nd degree candidates welcome to join in. Let's start talking! How is everyone approaching this... Read More

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    I hate that! Good luck though!

    When did you get your letter? Still have not gotten mine.

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    I got mine Sat. June 2nd.
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    I am in! :spin:
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    I got in and just attended the informational session today. Good luck to everyone in their future nursing endeavors : )
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    Still kind of in shock I didnt get in for the fall. I had a 3.45 and a 1060 on my GRE. 86 Hours volunteer with a group of As in complimentary course work like medical terminology. My adviser also had good things to say about my application and essay. I dont think they really know what the hell theyre talking about now.
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    Hi everyone I dont usually post, I typically like to see what others are going through. This thread seems to be my exact situation and I am so very nervous. I will be applying to UAB for Fall 2014 and I pray that I can get in or at least on the waiting list. I want to go straight to BSN given that I have a BS in Biology but if I dont then I will probably appy to a few ADN programs here in Tuscaloosa. It might take longer but I will do what it takes. Congrats bamagirl14 and tnvols on your acceptances, I hope to be in your shoes next year....*fingers crossed*

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