Uab- amnp how many accepted each year?

  1. I see many of you all got accepted into the AMNP program this year at UAB. Congratulations to you all! I'm curious if any of you know approximately how many are taken each year and how many apply? I've heard as many as 300 apply but only 60 get in. I've also heard only approximately 120 apply and 50 get in. I really want to get into the program for 2012 and I was just curious what I was up against. If anyone knows, I'd love to know. Thank you!
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  3. by   kab325
    I was wondering this too! I plan on applying for Spring 2012 entry.
  4. by   bkc313
    Hi! I'm applying to the spring 2012 class and I was told that 50 are accepted and usually around 150 apply, and out of those who apply, around 80 are called in for an interview. They have informaiton sessions every Wednesday at 1pm. I went to one last fall b/c I was planning to apply to the summer class this year, and it was really helpful. Are you guys still working on your prerequisite classes?
  5. by   rejeannes18
    Have you already applied? I'm also interested in the program.
  6. by   bkc313
    Yes, I've already applied. Are you interested in the spring 2012 program?
  7. by   rejeannes18
    Yes I am.
  8. by   rejeannes18
    I'm taking classes this summer. Are you finished with yours?
  9. by   bkc313
    Yes, I finished my last prerequisite earlier this month. Which ones do you have left?
  10. by   int135
    Hi, i just got accepted by the pre-nursing program at UAB. I'm wondering if anybody who applied for pre-nursing or nursing can usually be accepted?

    The other thing is that I can go to a local community college for the pre-requisite courses for nursing which is cheaper. Is there any advantage of being a pre-nursing major at UAB? what is the acceptance rate from pre-nursing to nursing?
    Thanks so much!
  11. by   bkc313
    I took almost all of my prerequisites at a community college. (The others I already had from undergrad.) I don't know if there is an advantage to being a pre-nursing major or what the acceptance rate is. I originally applied to the second degree BSN program that will start this fall. When I applied they classified me as "pre-nursing" but that was only because I had to apply to UAB first and then my advisor had to verify that I had the required prerequisites to apply to the nursing program. I would recommend that you go to one of the AMNP information sessions because they give a lot of information and you can ask questions.

    Hope this helps!
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  12. by   int135
    @bkc313, thank you so much for the info! Congratulations to the nursing program!! right now i'm not in AL so wouldnt able to make it to the info session, but thank you for letting me know!

    Also, I'm new to the school/area. I just finished a graduate program in another state. but i'm really thinking about going into nursing as a 2nd bachelor degree or AMNP.

    Do you know at UAB if it is very competitive or very hard to get into? i know some states they have a long waiting list.. would you mind letting me know how long did it take for you to get into nursing program after the advisor had verified your prerequisite courses? or it totally depends on the GPA of pre-requisite courses?
  13. by   bkc313
    int135, where are you from? I currently live in VA, but I'm originally from AL and am moving back to be closer to my family. I was also deciding between the 2nd degree BSN or AMNP program. I'll try to explain a little about my experience and hope that it makes sense!

    In regards to how competitive it is, I was told that the BSN program gets around 280 applications and 120 are accepted, but about 50 of those spots are reserved for current UAB honors students. For the AMNP program, they said around 150 apply, 80 are offered interviews and 40-50 are accepted. In the info. session that I went to about the AMNP program, they said they look at grades, whether you've repeated courses, course load, essay, experience, that you know what a nurse does and have a desire to do what nurses do. I guess they look at all of that and then offer interviews and then look at everything again along with the interview to determine who to accept. I don't know for sure that this is how it works, I'm just assuming based on the information I've gotten. When I first started looking into the programs, I was told that applicants are notified about 4 weeks after the application deadline.

    As far as my experience, I applied to UAB in January with the intention of applying to the 2nd degree BSN program starting Fall 2011 and was assigned a pre-nursing advisor. Since I already had all but one of the prerequisites completed, my advisor told me that I had what I needed to apply to the BSN program and he would email me the application once it was made available. Apparently they don't release the BSN application until the week before the deadline, but they release it earlier if you're out of state. The deadline was April 22 and he emailed the application in early April and I mailed it in the week before the deadline, but anyone inside the state had to hand deliver theirs on one of three designated dates the week of the deadline.

    I think we were supposed to hear if we were accepted into the BSN program at the end of May, but someone from the AMNP program called me in mid-May and asked if I'd like to interview for the AMNP program that starts in Spring 2012. She explained some of the differences between the two programs and it seemed like the AMNP program was a better fit for me.

    Do you still have prerequisite courses to take?
  14. by   int135
    Wow, thanks for sharing that! i'm currently living in CA and going to school here. but i'm planning on going to nursing at AL. As for the pre-requisites, I'm going to have a call appointment with my advisor to let her determine which courses I still need to take before eligible for applying 2nd bachelor/AMNP. I took some of them already here. But it seems to me there are as many as 60 units of pre-requisites required by UAB?? Did you take single each one of them except one in VA? Or you had to talk with your advisor explaining certain potential courses you do not need to take. sorry so many questions. appreciate your help : ) p.s. international student