Tossing around a move to Alabama...any suggestions on where to live?

  1. I'm curious as to other nurses that live in Alabama and where they are currently living/working and if they like it.

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  3. by   almostfearless
    I live in Gardendale--- it's just 15 minutes from Brmingham, which is great for your job opportunities, but Birmingham is a struggling city right now.

    I've heard awesome, awesome things about Mobile, if you're willing to brave the hurricane season
  4. by   doc2bmo
    Mobile is fun, hurricane season is no big deal once you go through it once...I've lived here most of my life (lived in B'ham a few years ago) and I can really say I love it. The hospitals are great (for the most part) and there is plenty to do outside of work. We're also convenient to Birmingham, Atlanta, New Orleans, Biloxi, Destin and plenty of other fun destinations. Cost of living is low and there are plenty of good parts of town for family raising =) Hope you decide to join us!! Good luck!!
  5. by   greysanatomyfan
    Quote from Hopefull2009
    I'm curious as to other nurses that live in Alabama and where they are currently living/working and if they like it.

    There is a town just outside of Birmingham called Chelsea and it is really nice. It is developing and has lots of subdivision. Very family oriented, hardly no crime, wonderful schools and work is only 15 minutes away if you work in Birmingham. There are lots of hospital in Birmingham to work at and also doctors offices, hospice offices, etc. It just depends on what you are looking for.
  6. by   busylizzy
    I can only refer to the Bham area....the hotspots around here are Trussville (shopping/restaurants), and Springville is the newer one. They are both pretty close together--Trussville about 10 minutes from Bham; Springville about 20 minutes from Bham. Springville is a quieter community. Someone said Chelsea, and it is nice, but Hwy 280 traffic is nothing short of hell.

    Just depends on what you like--single? family? parties? downtown? etc....

    In Bham, we have Trinity, StV Bham & StV East (closer to Trussville), UAB (huuuuge), Children's....I'm sure there's more, but my brain is completely fried. December 19th, here I come
  7. by   bamagt
    Helena! The top place to live in Alabama and one of the top 100 places to live in the nation!
    Helena is about 20 minutes from Birmingham and tons of hospitals. 45 minutes from Tuscaloosa because you have to see Alabama play football (haha) and 15 minutes from Hoover, which is a big city.
  8. by   AChampion21
    Pell city is also a nice place to live. You are close to Bham or Anniston and you are near the lake!
  9. by   Snickett
    Lots of great places to live in Alabama, but stay away from Tuscaloosa- except for football. The crime rate is on the rise, housing costs are horrible, and DCH is the ONLY (acute care) place to work and they treat their employees like crap.
  10. by   bamadebRN
    I live in Pell City right now, and it is nice here. When I graduate in May, though, I want to move a little closer to B'ham (where I plan to work) to save a little $$$$$ on gas! I am thinking about Moody or Odenville - close to B'ham yet not the busy hustle and bustle of the city!
  11. by   One Shot
    How about the Abbeville area? What are nursing ops like out that way?

    thanks in advance
  12. by   One Shot

    anyone in the abbeville area? dothan, eufaula?

    or...does the no reply mean there are no nursing ops in those areas?
  13. by   One Shot
    hello? is there anybody from abbeville, dothan, eufaula on here who would know about nursing ops in these areas?
  14. by   autigermommy
    Eufala is in the middle of nowhere, I'm sure there are office jobs that might be around, but I don't think there is a hospital very close...EAMC is in Opelika, but that's still a very long drive from Eufala.

    In Dothan, the hospital there is called "flowers hospital" (

    Hope this helps you a little bit...I'm not real familiar with those areas, but thought I'd try to offer assistance.