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Hi! What's the rate for RNs in Montgomery, AL? Does it even reach $30/hour? I have 3 yrs experience outside of the US as RN and 1 yr experience as LPN. Relocating there soon and doesn't even have an idea of how the job market is... Read More

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    Quote from mustangrachel00
    Um.... I hate to say it but if you come to Alabama expecting to make big money, think again. But if your spouse is military, you can forego the benefits and take an increase in pay. I have been a nurse for 10 years and it's in the range of 30. But then it's been 10 years. I have been at jackson hospital. I feel it's a good place to work. Good luck with your endeavors!
    Thanks for replying! Yeah I might do just that, foregoing the health benefits since I already have mine through my husband's who's in the military. Hopefuly they allow it. I have been considering Jackson Hospital. I think it is a good place to work also based on what you said. Do you know if they are hiring? Sometimes they would post job openings but not hire people soon. You're lucky to be working in a big hospital like Jackson's.

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    Quote from Augustnurse
    to redstepchild,
    no i guess nursing is not recession proof. you could travel after you get the dreaded one year of experience buts its hard to get.
    Hi! I was wondering if you already got a RN job? We are already here in Prattville.
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    to iamlvp,
    i finally got a job in birmingham. i started in january.
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    Quote from Augustnurse
    to iamlvp,
    i finally got a job in birmingham. i started in january.
    Hey! That's awesome! Are they still hiring? I really wish I can talk to you through private message on here... I have a few questions. ANd Congratz on the job!! Yay! How is it so far? What department are you assigned?

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