LPN-RN Mobility.....HELP!!

  1. Here's my question:

    Would you go the LPN route if you feel the RN program is too hard for someone without a med background? Perhaps work as a LPN for 6 months then go through the mobility program.

    Which option should I choose:

    1) Go for LPN Fall 2009, work as LPN then take microbiology and *math 100 prior to the RN mobility, Fall 2010
    *per the state, all RN applicants will need Math 100 effective Fall 2010 (I hate math!!!)

    3) Go for RN Fall 2009 (have A in math 116; Math 100 not required at this time) take Microbiology this summer then apply for Fall 2009 RN class OR

    4) Take microbiology this summer, take a "Patient Care Assistant/CNA" 1 semester class Fall 2009, work as CNA then apply for RN Spring or Summer, 2010 and bypass the LPN/mobility route and Math 100 requirement entirely.

    ..I don't want to flunk out of the RN program....heard LPN is much easier....would working as LPN or CNA help with RN clinicals... THE ONLY REASON I AM CONSIDERING THE MOBILITY LPN ROUTE IS THE FEAR OF FLUNKING CLINICALS!!

    I need some advice from those wiser than me!!
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  3. by   readyforsuccess99
    I just went through all of this..."MAYBE" I can help...but first I need to know where you are applying...You are in AL right? And also, are you in a hurry to get out of school, or are you a little more patient and just as long as you get your degree, you do not mind being in school a lil longer?? BTW, I just joined, so I'm learning how this works!!!
  4. by   SuesquatchRN
    Why not apply and see if you get into the RN program? If you don't go another route.
  5. by   californiadreaming
    I think I will apply to Wallace and go part-time Fall 09 or Spring 2010. I still have to finish A&P II (taking now) then microbiology this summer (probably a mistake because it's only 10 weeks...Lawson State.) My grade in micro will determine when I apply.

    I was told to go LPN to get "experience" as a nurse before tackling the RN program because I have no med background (just real estate) but.... I would have to take math 100 if I went mobility and I hate math, so I will stick with my "A" in math 116 and go directly into the RN program.

    Your comments and suggestions are appreciated!!
  6. by   caliotter3
    If this fear of failing clinicals is real for you, then I advise you to go the LPN route, then bridge over to RN later on when you feel more confident. Better to do this and be successful than to jump into something that will throw you the first time around. But you need to make your own decision based upon your assessment of your readiness, and you will need to work on your anxieties, because the LPN program is not a gimme either. Good luck.

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