Lawson State

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    Hey guys,
    Just checking to see if anybody has heard from Lawson State about entrance in the Fall program?

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    Haven't heard anything. Watching and waiting.
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    I just called and they said MAYBE next week.
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    Next week??? There kidding...right? Seems like they're pulling a B'ham campus move, sending letters out a week before orientation. Thx for the info. because I have been anxiously waiting for the mail man every day! Nonetheless, good luck to everyone!
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    I wish they were kidding. I too have been rushing home to check the mailbox for nothing.
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    Well, I wish everyone the best of luck!!! Justshe I saw that you got in at Wallace State! I was looking for you at orientation. Calling your name but no one ever replied. You need to stop playing and stick with Wallace cause that 68.3 pass rate at Lawson on the Alabama State Board is not what is happening right now! Where they do that at???? I applied at Wallace and Lawson and I am not even trying to wait on Lawson.
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    LOL...I told you we needed nametags or poster boards or what schedule did you go with? Will you be traveling a long distance to get to Wallace? I still want to know about Lawson for some strange odd reason...You are right WHO DOES THAT?
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    I went with D block! I will only be there Mon, Wed, and Thur! I already live sorta near there in a way. I live in Bradford. I have someone currently I am carpooling with. Where do you live??
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    Ill be coming from Bham Mon,Tue, and Wed evenings.
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    Justshe...are u still planning to attend Lawson??

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