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Hello Everyone! So I know that I am not the only one on here who has turned in the nursing school application and is now frantically biting nails awaiting a response...I applied with 200.5... Read More

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    @rnwilliams01 I have no idea. I haven't heard of that before but maybe if you have time you should go up there and sit down with an advisor. They take walk-ins and are there to answer whatever questions you have. I havent heard what the cut off was but I know that I was told the highest its ever been was 186. And if they are opening it back up for sure, then I would reapply!!!!! U never know what happens if you don't try!! I logged on to my pipeline acct today and saw that my registration status changed from Pre-RN to RN!!!!! I guess that makes it official. Its a great feeling. I look forward to meeting all of you who will be attending at Shelby! So exciting!!!!

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    Make sure that your CPR certification is hospital approved because if its not you will have to do it all over again!
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    i just got accepted for the pell city campus, anyone else going there?
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    Does anybody know about the orientation for those that applied to for the extended deadline?!
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    Orientation for the Pell City campus is Jan 10th & we will begin class that same day. So excited! Anyone else going to Pell City?
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    im going to pell city also! im super excited/scared!
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    To all of those who are in the nursing program now at Jeff State, do you have to buy the stethoscope they offer? Is there a specific one that you have to have?
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    You can buy any stethoscope you want and it doesn't matter what kind. i got a cheap one to start off with bc i lose things lol

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