Jeff State: Jefferson campus vs Shelby campus RN program????

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    Hello everyone,
    Just wondering from those in the program if anyone favors/sees any advantages to the program at one campus over the other. I am pretty centrally located between the two and could easily get to either one.

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    Definitely apply for Shelby! They have new facilities, while Jefferson has very old, dingy facilities with outdated equipment. And the instructors are much better at Shelby.
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    Heh-- I'm applying at both, because i don't care where I get in, I just care THAT I get in. =)
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    holy honey I hear ya!!!
    I did not get in for fall, so I am with long as I get in!
    but just thinking in terms of if I do get a choice.
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    Quote from magnolia3957
    Hello everyone,
    Just wondering from those in the program if anyone favors/sees any advantages to the program at one campus over the other. I am pretty centrally located between the two and could easily get to either one.

    Hi everyone, I'm in the night/weekand program at JSCC (first semester) and it seems to me depending on the availibility/location of staff/faculty will depend on where classes and clinicals will be held. I would assume that the day program has more flexibility in the scheduling of their classes. I would highly recommend that if you have completed all your gen. ed. classes and are just waiting to get in the program (you just have the nursing classes to take) that you start now studying your math. It will definately take some of the pressure off of you when you take your pharmocology class. Med. terminaology would also be a good alternative to study while you waiting to get in. Good luck to everyone.
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    If you applied but didn't get in, what were your points and GPA?

    I have applied twice in the past (before Tiffany decided to tell me not to waste my time b/c I didn't have all of the pre-reqs done) and did not get in.

    I now have 194 points and a 3.59GPA for JSCC. I have taken all of the pre-reqs for JSCC, and I am now at UAB taking my last 6 pre-reqs for a BSN, but it will be really difficult to get in at UAB (I have a low GPA for their program). I am going to apply for the Summer 09 term so that I can have Spring 09 to take the remaining 3 pre-reqs I will have and will also take medical terminology as an elective. I am hoping that I will get in JSCC for summer as I am getting impatient. I will also apply to CACC for fall and will continue to try to get in at UAB....

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    If I am not mistaken, the point cut-off was 183 last time. I don't think you will have trouble getting in!
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    I just talked to Tiffany Lane and she confirmed that the points were 183. It really makes me want to just apply for Spring and go ahead and get it over with, but I still want to get those last 3 BSN pre-reqs out of the way so I don't have to worry with them after I get my ADN and begin working. I really hope that the "walking into the RN-BSN Mobility program" info I have been told is true! I don't want to stop at just the BSN, I want to do Neonatal NP!

    I am going to try to go talk to Tiffany today (as much as I don't like her, but I'll be closer to the Shelby campus today) and get her perspective!

    I'm getting excited now! There's a tiny speck of light at the end of this big dark tunnel I've been standing in for so long!
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    I don't know anything really about the Shelby campus, but I can tell you about the Jefferson Campus. Currently I am a 4th semester nursing student. While it is really old, I do like the teachers.
    First semester is the hardest and if you can start learning the math. The teachers in first semester are very disorganized but trust me it does get better than that. Mrs. T. teaches second semester. She is awesome. Her lectures are fun and interesting. Also, her tests are very fair. Not to put down Shelby, but I did have their peds teacher second semester, and let's just say I didn't like her at all (this is the nicest thing I have to say about her). The OB teacher (you'll have this in 3rd) at Jefferson, also teaches you fluid and electrolytes in 2nd. She will be one of the hardest teachers you will ever have. She prides herself on this. While she is hard, the one thing I can say is that you will come out knowing that material. If you don't know it, you'll just fail her tests. Fourth semester isn't that bad. This semester we have a bunch of different teachers. Two of them are from Shelby and they are pretty good. I'm not sure about 5th at all.

    Even though the Jefferson Campus isn't as nice as Shelby's, I do recommend it. I like it there and the teachers are very helpful. Just be ready to give your life up. All you will do is study. The program is extremely hard and requires a lot of dedication. Just to give you an idea, we started with 55 students first semester and there are only 9 of us who made it to 4th without failing. Hopes this helps.
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    Shelby Campus has a better pass rate on the NCLEX. May's graduating class was 100% !!!! The teachers are great at Shelby!

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