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I noticed there were threads for the other semesters, so I thought I would get this one started. There's another week until the deadline, but I've finished everything I can do. Now it's just waiting.... Read More

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    kaesmith2011, you should repost what you just recently posted. It told me you posted something but it isn't showing up!

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    Well the background checks came back clear. I knew I didn't have a criminal background, but it's usually something like this that turns up potential identity theft. Maybe I have watched too much Lifetime tv while on leave LOL
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    is anyone looking for a room mate? i live in georgia and i'm planing on moving to birmingham,AL before 1st day of class in august
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    Nbrakefield, thank you. I wonder what happened to their site, they had some issues yesterday? How can you get notified of when people post on here? My last post said I imagine everyone knows now whether or not they have gotten into the program !! So congrats to everyone who made it and don't give up to the ones who didnt! But I also wanted to say im am stoked to start nursing school but talking to all of you about it made it even more excitingSooo I was wondering if everyone wanted to try and help each other get ready for orientation and find books and possibly the other stuff we will need ..... either on this thread or we can trade emails and begin making friends for study groups in nursing I hope someone else feels the same way.....
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    I feel the same! Sadly we will not know what books we need until after orientation. Also, you can find out when people post by suscribing to the post! I am glad we already found out because now I can enjoy the summer without worrying about if I got in or not! My email is if any of you Jefferson campus students want to start some study groups!
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    Lovet,My fiancÚ and I got an apartment in Birmingham so I am not looking for a roommate but I was just wondering where you are from in Georgia? We live in Kennesaw right now and went to Kennesaw State University and he is going to grad school at UAB for epidemeology and I am going to the Jefferson campus for nursing.
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    Awesome Thank you Nbrakefield my email is for everyone on the Jefferson campus also. I am about to send you an email Nbrakefield so we can get to know each other YAY for Nursing school lol. Also, about the books yea I had found someone I was going to buy all first semester books from and learned they may change every semester or so the editions...that is just so I hope they have the same editions I will need
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    The Fall schedule should be finalized by July 9th. By then the required books should be listed on the Jeff State Online bookstore. A friend of mine in the Summer full time program said that there was a HUGE push for everyone in the full time program to buy the Pearson bundle as it includes a web access key they say is required (they were going to charge $300.00 just for the web access if you bought the books outside the bundle). He referred to it as his mortgage payment in a box. Since I am in the Night/Weekend program, I don't know if we need that bundle too.
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    @ pom 16, i'm from fairburn, Ga originally from Africa though... i'm transfering from clayton state university to jeff state to do my RN Program
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    Yea, n.igmatic1 I looked up the bundle on Snoozy's website and it was I think $400 with new books and $300 used books. BUt I so hope what you said about the web access isn't true...that is just crazy :uhoh21:! I was hoping to save some money by buying used books...I am going to be highly upset, and not to metion broke, if we have to buy everything like books and uniforms new

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