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I noticed there were threads for the other semesters, so I thought I would get this one started. There's another week until the deadline, but I've finished everything I can do. Now it's just waiting.... Read More

  1. by   n.igmatic1
    The Fall schedule should be finalized by July 9th. By then the required books should be listed on the Jeff State Online bookstore. A friend of mine in the Summer full time program said that there was a HUGE push for everyone in the full time program to buy the Pearson bundle as it includes a web access key they say is required (they were going to charge $300.00 just for the web access if you bought the books outside the bundle). He referred to it as his mortgage payment in a box. Since I am in the Night/Weekend program, I don't know if we need that bundle too.
  2. by   lovet
    @ pom 16, i'm from fairburn, Ga originally from Africa though... i'm transfering from clayton state university to jeff state to do my RN Program
  3. by   kaesmith2011
    Yea, n.igmatic1 I looked up the bundle on Snoozy's website and it was I think $400 with new books and $300 used books. BUt I so hope what you said about the web access isn't true...that is just crazy :uhoh21:! I was hoping to save some money by buying used books...I am going to be highly upset, and not to metion broke, if we have to buy everything like books and uniforms new
  4. by   n.igmatic1
    I just wish they would offer the option of ebooks. I have an ipad and my child has a kindle fire, and they are MUCH easier to carry and deal with than bulky text books. I used my ipad for Biology and algebra last semester and loved carrying around a 1lb device verses a combined weight of 12 lbs.
  5. by   Shaniqawa
    Speaking of weight, I need to lose some before classes start. I'm kind of depressed to be obese and going into nursing. I hope people won't look down on me for being a big girl and I hope I'll have the physical stamina to do a good job. How do you all stay in shape and is anybody else worried about their weight?
  6. by   rachfitz44
    My email is I'm also attending the Jefferson campus
  7. by   kaesmith2011
    Shaniqawa,don't feel like that. You should only want to change your appearence for you, to make YOU happy. not because of what someone might think of you/ Have you tried Zumba? It is sooo much fun and really gets you in shape quick if you stick with it . I also have Wii fit that works well too...but I may have been slacking some over the summer :spin: and gained a few, I am by no means tiny but I am geting to where I like how I look. Just a lil bit of weight to go

    Rachfitz44 I sent you an email
  8. by   n.igmatic1
    Shaniqawa, I agree with kaesmith2011. You have to lose weight or make any changes for you, not for the expectations of others. I also love zumba, and have the dvds since I rarely can get to a class between working, class and raising a family. Depending on what your current level of fitness is, I would suggest starting slowly, add 15 minutes of walking each day and start substituting 1 unhealthy food choice for a healthy one, and just add healthful choices and more exercise gradually. If you go on a strict diet, chances are you will feel deprived and fall off the wagon. Also find a way to deal with stress, cortisol can add to your waistline just as badly as a pack of twinkies. As much as I would like to say that I look like Salma Hayek, I don't; but I do try to practice what I preach. :spin:
  9. by   nbrakefield
    I play Just Dance 3 on the Wii. I have definitely gained my 15 pounds by coming to college, plus I just changed medications so I am having to fight the change in hormones so I am trying my best as well to keep my weight down.
    On a different note, I received a text from a friend from high school today who is in his 4th semester at jeff state nursing school this summer. He graduates in the fall. He is passing down everything he used his first semester and told me that as long as you are dedicated you will do fine! I am so thankful to know people who have already gone through it!
  10. by   kaesmith2011
    LOL I am pretty sure we all now about the freshman 15..or 25 lol nbrakefield :/ but about your friend passing the books down, I was told they may change the editions so make sure you have the right ones. I also think someone on here said they will finalize the schedule on July 9 so you should know by then if the books are correct I hope they are for you to save some money
  11. by   n.igmatic1
    How is Just Dance? We have Dance Central for xbox and I freakin' love it. My club days are FAR, far behind me, but I have always loved dancing even though my kiddo likes to put his hand on my shoulder and tell me that I do not indeed have the moves like Jagger, LOL
  12. by   nbrakefield
    Yeah, I figured some of the books would change, but he is passing down his notes and study guides and things so I am excited! I love just dance! There are several great songs and the moves aren't too hard for people who do not have a lot of dance background. lol.
  13. by   kaesmith2011
    Sooooo did anyone else notice the changes to the classes that have been made on jeff states schedule??? Now its showing having class mon 930-1130 and 12-4 tues- 830-1130 and two clinicals/labs wed thurs and fri and one on saturday????