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It's unoffically offical!

  1. 0 I went to the Shelby campus of JSCC and talked to and advisor about my chances of getting into their program.

    She said I have 194 points, and a 3.59 GPA and told me that unless something goes terribly wrong with me getting my application in like it needs to be (with everything attached and on time), I WILL get in to the nursing program at JSCC.

    It took my breath away! So now I have been faced with the dilema of whether or not put it off so I can finish my last three pre-reqs for the BSN before applying (which means I'd be starting in Summer).

    I made my decision!

    I'm putting off the last three BSN pre-reqs and will be applying to JSCC for SPRING 09!!!!

    I'm so excited. I will keep everyon posted on my situation!
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    Congrats! That's great news.
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    What pre-reqs do you have? Take them 1st and 3rd semester and 4th if you need too.
    It will be almost impossible to do them in 2nd.
    They are changing alot of stuff around though. It was harder when I was in 2nd, I'm in 4th now.
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    I have all of my pre-reqs done, plus some extras. I am currently at UAB taking 3 of my 6 additional pre-reqs for the BSN. I don't have to worry about any more!

    I don't see how people take additional classes on top of the nursing curriculum!
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    Once you're done with 1st and 2nd semester it's easy (atleast so far, I'm in 4th) to take your pre-reqs.
    Some people think nursing school is the hardest thing in the world, and it is hard, but if you just take it as it comes then you'll do fine!
    Good luck!
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    Glad that you reached a decision! Good luck!
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    Have you heard anything else on this? When do you think we'll get our letters in the mail?
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    Mrs. Johnson at Jeff. campus said we should know by the end of October.
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    It's almost the end of October and I race home to the mailbox everyday just waiting.....
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    You will get in! Don't fret!

    Good luck, and start preparing for a lot of self study!!!!
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    FRET unfortunately is not the word! But thanks for the kind words--- I'm sure I speak for autiger, too.
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    Still no letter again today! I think I'm going insane!!! I wish I would just hear something from them! ANYTHING!!!

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