1. Ok, so I was wandering through our lovely states forum, and I couldnt find an intro page.... So............... thought Id make one!

    I have been a nurse for almost 12 yrs, currently work in CCU in a Birmingham hospital. I have 2 boys, 17 and 14 who are all boy...

    I have worked in OR, Home Health and ICUs. Started out as an LPN, ADN, BSN. I completed my LPN and ADN at CACC in Childersburg, my BSN at JSU, and working on my MSN at UAB.

    I am also you Moderator for the Alabama Forum, so if you have any questions that I can help you with feel free to PM me. I'd like to see this forum very active!!

    So where are all the Bama folks at??????
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  3. by   crmson_lady
    I'm definitely a Bama person. I'm about to graduate (May) from UA's Capstone College of Nurisng with my BSN. I've interviewed on various units at a local Tuscaloosa hospital. Due to me already being employed as a student PCA/US at the hospital, I had an inside edge and will be able to obtain a day shift position. It's just a matter of choosing which unit is the best for me.

    Besides finishing nursing school and getting a RN job, I am a single parent to a 3 yr old boy. He's a typical 3 yr old boy, always on the go, never tired, and growing up too fast.
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  4. by   CardioTrans
    Quote from crmson_lady
    I'm definitely a Bama person.

    Besides finishing nursing school and getting a RN job, I am a single parent to a 3 yr old boy. He's a typical 3 yr old boy, always on the goal, never tired, and growing up too fast.

    Hmmm, whudda thunk a Bama Fan with your name..... Teasing.... oh WAR EAGLE!

    Wait til your son is about to turn 17 in 2 wks. He walks by me and I can still see the little boy running through the house with nothing but a towel singing Ray Stevens song "They call me the streak" yelling "Are ya naked??"
  5. by   johnson0424
    hey guys i am a bama girl grad. from UA with my BSN in 2001 and am currently at UAB online program for FNP, will graduate in 2008. Hi cardiotrans!!! how is it going for you in the program? I recently moved to Maryland and miss BAMA so much...I have worked in Tuscaloosa at both DCH Northport and at a local nursing home as a manger before moving to Maryland. I am currently taking the big leap back into the hospital and am scared to death since I am have not been in the hospital since 2002. Hope to talk to ya'll later. good luck in your endevours.
  6. by   CardioTrans
    HI there my fellow classmate!! Its going well, just surprised that this semester is almost over. It seems like yesterday that I started in the program and now Im 1 yr into it. Time flies. I too will grad May 2008. Its hard to work full time and read 13 chapters a wk, plus the videos in Pharm, but it will be worth it.
  7. by   nursiestudent
    Hey, y'all. I am not from Alabama, but I live here, now. Anyway, I'm in USA's BSN program and will graduate this Summer (July 2007--YAY!). I am counting down!
  8. by   focker-male nurse
    Hey cardiotrans! I am in my last semester at CACC. And I plan to attend JSU for the online step program. And then I plan to go to UAB or Samford for my MNA. Take Care.
  9. by   lovejana22
    my name is jana, i am a nursing student at wallace state in hanceville. i have been lurking here for awhile now i decided to join this month. i have three kids, 15,11, and 4!!!
  10. by   maxiebelle
    My ADN is from CACC. My BSN from JSU. I am currently looking for a CNM program. I have a house full of boys, which is why I love working in Women's Services!!
  11. by   DixieDawg
    Hey ya'll Bama Buddies out there. I am a 40 yr old ADN student at UWA. I will graduate in May 2008. I am married and hope to work in B'Ham in an ER or ICU after graduating. Hope to speak with many of you later.
  12. by   student_nurse_8700
    Hi there....My name is Amanda and I will be graduating with an ADN from JeffState in May...woohoo!!!....I have recently accepted a position in an NICU which I am very excited and of course nervous about By the way....any advice for the NCLEX????
  13. by   Thunderball
    I'm a 29yr old guy, I'll be starting my BSN at the UAB SON on May 9th.
  14. by   crnawant2be
    I'm a second level student at NACC hoping to grad may 9, 2008

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