How competitive is UAH's nursing school?

  1. I'm currently taking pre-reqs at Calhoun and I really do like the school. However, at this point I'm thinking I'd rather just go straight for my BSN rather than getting my ADN and bridging over later. I'm worried though that I won't be able to get accepted to UAH's nursing program because I'd be transferring from Calhoun- I'm sure that students who have already been attending UAH would get preference, right? Do you think I'd still be able to get accepted at UAH if I complete all of the pre-reqs at Calhoun, or should I go ahead and transfer to UAH for the fall 2012 semester?

    I hope that question made sense LOL... I'm up to my eyeballs in A&P right now and my brain is turning to mush.... LOL
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  3. by   lil mac
    Contact the nursing school you will have other classes to take. The university where you plan to get your BSN will only exept so many credits from a transfer.
    You wouldnt want to pay for classes they wont except.
  4. by   ApostolicGirl
    Thank you, I have contacted them to find out what classes I need to take. I just forgot to ask them how competitive it is to get accepted.
  5. by   rcfj2290
    I went to UAH and according to the adviser alot of times you will need to have a 3.0 GPA as long as you have a 3.0 or above you have a good chance of getting excepted.
  6. by   LCater
    I graduated from Calhoun in 2010 with a Pre-Nursing transfer degree (Associate of Science) which meant I only did my prerequisites at Calhoun. I applied to both programs and got in, but ultimately I chose UAH. I know all the programs are competitive, but in my class most of the students were transfers from other schools, so I would think you would still have a good chance of getting in. Now remember when you apply that in the Spring semester they only accept about 75 students and in the Fall they may have up to 130 students. From what I hear it is harder to get in the Spring Semester because they have a small number of sits available and as you know your GPA is what gets you in.
  7. by   Molly09
    I am in the same exact position as you. I'm taking all my pre-reqs at calhoun and then transferring to uah. I'm applying in the spring for their fall program. Make sure you apply to the university first before you do anything else because you have to be accepted before you can apply for their nursing program. On their website it's says that they do give preference to students who have taken atleast 30 credit hours at UAH but from the research I've done as long as you have a good gpa then it doesn't matter where you took your prereqs. So thats why I decided to save money and go to Calhoun and then just make sure my grades are good. I currently have a 4.0 and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep it that way! Good luck!! Maybe we have a class together. Lol.
  8. by   kilo_soldier
    I'm a 2nd semester student at UAH, and what the previous poster said about the 3.0 GPA is true. As long as you have your prereqs done, you stand a great chance of getting in. My class consists of students from all over, not just UAH. The only advantage those who completed prereqs at UAH have over me is that they are familiar with the University, already know other students (helps with forming study groups), and well, that's about it. Once you get in, be ready because if you are not organized and mentally prepared, you will be overwhelmed.
  9. by   GodFutureNurse
    what if one have a gpa of 2.98 do they have a chance? have taken most of the pre reqs except A&P II?
  10. by   kingleyp
    When will you be applying? Maybe the A&P class will increase your GPA to a 3.0
  11. by   kingleyp

    @ kilo_soldier Can you give us a little insight on what to expect at UAH? i.e, Professors, campus life, places to stay, study habits and jobs after graduation.
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  12. by   futurenursegirl09
    I have just applied for UAH fall 2013 nursing program, I have a 3.3 GPA and 5 years work experience in a doctors office and group home. I have 120 hrs volunteer work at a nursing home, do you think I will get in ?
  13. by   futurenursegirl09
    I have just applied for UAH fall 2013 nursing program, I have a 3.3 GPA and 5 years work experience in a doctors office and group home. I have 120 hrs volunteer work at a nursing home, do you think I will get in ?
  14. by   mary 91
    I have also graduated from UAH and currently have 3.06 in prerequisites I just want to know how competitive is UAH nursing program?

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