has anyone taken a&p and microbiology together?

  1. I'm just wondering if it would be too hard to take both classes at the same time.
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  3. by   Amy3901
    Hi, I myself was wondering this question, because this summer I have to take A & P 2 and Micro together. So I asked my A & P teacher and she said that it would be good to take those two together.... but that A & P 1 was the harder of the two A & P classes. Good Luck!
  4. by   Cooper1
    You can do it!!! A's are possible I know several people who have done it. The only thing about taking them in the summer is the length of the classes. I think Micro is 4 1/2 to 5 hours long.
  5. by   readyforsuccess99
    I didn't take them together, but it is possible. I know I could have done it together if I had to have done that. The only thing is to just keep up with studying a little everyday in both. I will say this though...I am speaking for the professors that I had. I think Micro could be absolutely horrible if you didn't have a good teacher!!! So ask around the campus about the professors and how hard they are and how they test first. You can do it!!!!
  6. by   greysanatomyfan
    I took A&P II and Micro together and made A's in both classes. Believe it or not, it actually helped taking them together. You can do it if you really want to. Good Luck!!