Getting into Jeff State

  1. Does anyone know how the point system works at Jeff State that decides the total points that you have? Also, if you haven't been in college for over 10 years what do they do about your GPA? Are there any pre-reqs that you would have to take over if it has been over 10 years since you took them? Thanks in advance. Anything you can add to this that will be helpful is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   howsoon
    Here's the point sheet for Jeff State:

    Section I. Total possible points = 90
    Choose your best grade from each
    A = 30 pts, B = 20 pts, C = 10 pts
    1. Bio 103, Bio 201, Bio 202, Bio 220, High School Biology
    2. Bio 103, Bio 201, Bio 202, Bio 220, Mth 100 or higher, High School
    Algebra II
    3. Bio 103, Bio 201, Bio 202, Bio 220, College Chemistry, High School

    Section II. Total points possible 11.
    Mth 100 or Higher: A or B = 11 pts, C = 5 pts
    Mth 116: A= 11pts, B = 5 pts, C = 0 pts

    Section III. Total points possible is 99.
    Here you use your Compass Score.

    Total Possible points is 200.

    If you've already had both of your Anatomy & Phisology's, I think you will need to retake 1 of them to get credit for both since it's been 10yrs. (I think A&P's have to be no older than 5 yrs actually.) Some of my basic requirements (psych's, etc.) were 10 yrs old & they accepted them but didn't count them in my gpa. I'm still not exactly sure how they calculated it to tell you the truth. Anyway, hope that helps you some. Good luck!!
  4. by   WSnurse2b
    Thanks for the info! Do you know if you still get the section II points if you didn't take our pre-reqs at Jeff State? I read that for one of the schools you didn't get the extra 11 points possible if you didn't attend that school for pre-reqs, but I can't remember which one it is.
  5. by   howsoon
    The only prereq I took at Jeff St was speech & I did get credit for everything else.
  6. by   WSnurse2b
    Thanks, that makes me feel a lot better because I'm gonna need every point I can get!
  7. by   autigermommy
    CACC is the school where you only get to use the Section 2 points if you took at least one pre-req there....I think that's how it works...
  8. by   WSnurse2b
    Do you know if you can use chemistry 101 (or it maybe 103) towards the points they give you for classes already taken? It says college chemistry, but I didn't know if that would transfer. Thanks!
  9. by   autigermommy
    I'm pretty sure that will transfer...I think any College Chem will work.
  10. by   strive2brn
    When I originally wanted to apply to Jeff State I had not been in college for exactly 10 years. I was told that if I had taken any college course within the 10 year period, that grade would serve as my gpa. It did not matter what the course was or where it was taken, as long as it counted as college credit. I did not have to retake anatomy or physiology or any other course for that matter even though it had been over 10 years since I took them. I simply had to complete a course and be assigned a grade before I could apply. You can take something taught in between semesters or one of the other short term sessions if you want to get the requirement met quickly. In any case, I would encourage you to make an appointment with a prenursing advisor to be sure you get the most up-to-date info on requirements just to be on the safe side. Good Luck! :wink2: