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Hey Everybody, I have applied to the Calhoun part time/evening ADN program and just wondered if anybody can tell me about it? Any information would be great. :coollook: Are there any... Read More

  1. by   RedChair
    We have to have CPR by July 28th? Wow. it just says by the first day of CLASS on my paperwork. I was going to do the one on the 4th of August. crud. Orientation is at 4:00? thats good, I was afraid it would be like 9 am or something. I picked evening for a reason! lol. Thanks for the info Megreen!
  2. by   5LR14
    Congratulations everyone!! Good luck to all of you.
  3. by   eiramac27
    Hi! I'm new to this website. I applied to both Wallace State and Calhoun and got in I live close to Calhoun and Wallace would be an hour drive up and back 4 days a week. I went to their orientation already.They all seem real nice.Calhoun's letter just came Friday, and I believe the commute alone would be worth going Calhoun. I believe the NPLEX pass rates are similar. I took all my basics at Calhoun.

    1-Anyone have an opinion on attending Calhoun vs Wallace State (Hanceville)?
    2-Would graduating at one school over the other better ensure a job after graduation? I need to mail back my response within the next few days.

    Also, I'm out of state for the summer and am moving back in August. I already attended Wallace orientation, lol. I called and the lady in nursing department said it wasn't mandatory but I would miss a lot of information. She said registration in person was required though so I'm already looking at at least one more flight to Alabama before my move in August. Any help greatly appreciated, thanks!
  4. by   Poney12345
    I just got into the Part Time evening program as well! All this stuff we have to do does seem overwhelming but I am beyond happy! Good luck to everyone and congrats to all of us! yay
  5. by   terri8
    I'm in the part time evening program as well!! How many did they accept for that one?
  6. by   RedChair
    I think they were going to accept around 50 into the part time program. Not sure how many they actually accepted. There are several right here though!
  7. by   megreen1
    Hey Relysh-I looked at my papers again and it does appear that you can take a CPR class in the first week of August and be ok. I think you just have to have it before 1st day of class.

    fwiw, Uniform Corner has 20% off the calhoun uniforms right now so top, bottom, and lab coat will be about $65.

    Anyone know if us part-time folks have to have that whole entire textbook list? or does that just apply to the day-time crowd? Seems like the last half of the list would be what we need. (Maybe VS blonde can answer this one)
  8. by   RedChair
    Megreen, yes I took another look at the papers too and decided to stick with my Aug. class. I would think that the book list is for the first year maybe? It looks like it covers more then we will be tackling in the first semester. Maybe they can clarify at orientation. It would be absolutely awesome if we only need $600 worth of books instead of $1300! I (just barely) do not qualify for grants so it is all out of pocket here
  9. by   VSBlonde
    Here I am!

    At orientation, someone will talk to you about the books. They actually come as a bundle where you can get paperback books or e-books. I got paperback. The set of books is actually designed for the FT students and contains books for 102, 103, & 104. You will take 103 & 104 your first semester. There are 2 or three books you will need that aren't in the bundle that you will buy separately. We had to order ours because the bookstore ran out and I didn't get mine until after school had started. Be prepared that even though there are X numbers of students taking 104, the bookstore ALWAYS runs out of the things we need. Every semester. You will reference several books the first semester so the best bet is to buy the bundle. And do NOT sell your books at the end of the semester. You will need them again! Once you get past 104-Pharm, there will be Pharm questions on every test.

    All of my books I purchased through the school up until this semester. Since Maternity/Peds is only one semster, I bought my books off of Amazon & Ebay for much cheaper than the $500 the bookstore wanted.

    I did spend an arm & part of leg the first semester on everything. But I always wanted brand new books, I'm nerdy like that.

    Go ahead & try to get your uniforms because last year Landau had to back order the color. Parkway Scrubs has them too and they are nice than the ladies at the Uniform Corner on Governers.
  10. by   RedChair
    So what about the 102 books? Do we take that class later or are they used with a different class? or is there a way not to buy them maybe... Sorry, but my husband is already freaking out about the cost and I am about as tight as the come anyway.
    Can you buy th books ahead of time or do you have to wait until they tell you? I know, I know always more questions! If I just had more patients...I mean patience
  11. by   VSBlonde
    You will take 102 in the Spring and you will reuse the Fundamentals of Nursing book & add in Linton's Med-Surg book. Both books are in the bundle. If you have the list of text books, you can go ahead & price them out on your own. is a good place to rent from. I think if you check your Space Email, there are a few people in there selling their books for Nursing, ones that didn't pass.
  12. by   terri8
    Has anyone looked at the uniforms? Why do they make us wear those pants??? lol I prefer my scrub pants to have a little wider open around my ankles...oh well
  13. by   RedChair
    VSBlonde, thanks for the reply. I may try to price the books and see how much difference there is between school and other.

    Terri8, I agree, those pants are atrocious!

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