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Hey Everybody, I have applied to the Calhoun part time/evening ADN program and just wondered if anybody can tell me about it? Any information would be great. :coollook: Are there any... Read More

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    Got my letter last night! I made it in!! yay!
    Anybody else find out yet?

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    me too! Yesterday afternoon. See you on the 28th!
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    Don't forget Orientation on July 19th!
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    Did you get into the Daytime or Evening Program??

    Congrats on your acceptance. It is overwhelming & you will feel like cattle being herded through gates the first semester, but hang in there.
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    I was accepted into the evening program, which is what I wanted so I am happy. Just looking at the packet that came with the letter is a bit overwhelming. I'm okay with that right now though. Thanks!
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    evening program for me, too. July 28th3pm is registration, July 19th is orientation 4:00pm(thanks for pointing that out Relysh) I called and asked a question today and was told that we HAVE to have the CPR w/Healthcare Provider by the time we get to registration. I have CPRw/AED and it's not good enough--boo. So I signed up for the July 14th class.
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    We have to have CPR by July 28th? Wow. it just says by the first day of CLASS on my paperwork. I was going to do the one on the 4th of August. crud. Orientation is at 4:00? thats good, I was afraid it would be like 9 am or something. I picked evening for a reason! lol. Thanks for the info Megreen!
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    Congratulations everyone!! Good luck to all of you.
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    Hi! I'm new to this website. I applied to both Wallace State and Calhoun and got in I live close to Calhoun and Wallace would be an hour drive up and back 4 days a week. I went to their orientation already.They all seem real nice.Calhoun's letter just came Friday, and I believe the commute alone would be worth going Calhoun. I believe the NPLEX pass rates are similar. I took all my basics at Calhoun.

    1-Anyone have an opinion on attending Calhoun vs Wallace State (Hanceville)?
    2-Would graduating at one school over the other better ensure a job after graduation? I need to mail back my response within the next few days.

    Also, I'm out of state for the summer and am moving back in August. I already attended Wallace orientation, lol. I called and the lady in nursing department said it wasn't mandatory but I would miss a lot of information. She said registration in person was required though so I'm already looking at at least one more flight to Alabama before my move in August. Any help greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    I just got into the Part Time evening program as well! All this stuff we have to do does seem overwhelming but I am beyond happy! Good luck to everyone and congrats to all of us! yay

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